Days in Shadow

Everyday starts with number of possibilities. Each day is infinite. Every new day provides a new opportunity to us, for creating a new datum of our journey. Change is always ready to enter our lives, but every change is outside our comfort zone while our practice is to be among facilities.


We have comforted ourselves to work within the area where risk is zero. That comfort itself has actually become an obstacle in our success while we keep blaming luck or time. No one is ready to move above their fears. People restrict themselves within the limits. Limits, that are nothing but imaginary lines that we create ourselves listening to a few other unsuccessful people! Pushing those limits can be a real game changer once we dare to.


But we expect smiles without tears, pain is always avoided by people. Everyone is finding a way, a chance, an opportunity which can bring success without efforts or with minimum efforts. But is it possible to acquire a shape without absorbing the heat? We are in search of an infinite ever-glowing power source of energy. There are many ways to get a supply of energy but the only way that it is 100% sustainable and reliable is that the source of power generation must be within us.

Diversity gives us a chance to choose and apply, but it will only be effective if the selection is based on our ability. Selection on the basis of dreambility will only flow us. Other ways will make us the water which never finds its way to sea. Everyone has magic, we just need to find a block on which we can successfully apply the magic.


There are many unknown opportunities that knock our door. But someone who is dreaming behind that door, is limiting his abilities within a single room. He thinks that things will fall into place according to him. If he rapidly moves outward and catches that knock, his life might get transformed. But reality is different.

Just knocks are not enough to shake our stubbornness. They are meant to give a jerk to us. So be ready for every knock, every knock can turn into a blissful surprise. Be strong and bear the things. You have to be strong enough to turn your dream into reality. Every knock makes you powerful enough to bear next knock. Jerks are only meant to keep you awake. Open the doors. Let opportunities comes inside.


Everything might not moving as we wish, but we can change ourselves according to situations. Chances that  come in our life are little drops of rain. It is depends on the place, on which they land. If they fall on a stone cold man, nothing will happen. But those very drops when fall on a seed-like-boy, he will bloom into a beautiful plant and eventually a fruitful tree.


It depends on the person, how he is taking things. Capturing the chances looks easy but it will be great only if it is captured by heart. Eyes will only give beauty. Emotions will come when the heart is involved!! Let your heart become a part of your work and capture a right one !! Life is amazing !! Enjoying is on you !!

Look at the sparrows;
they do not know what they will do in the next moment. 
Let us literally live from moment to moment.
– Mahatma Gandhi

The New Journey

Days are converted into months and months into year. Finally the year ended and one more year starts its journey with the first ray of sun. With this ray, So many lives rises with the hope of change. We can experience that life become celebration during these days. Our breath, which is tired because of the situations, get a chance to sit, rest and grow. We all are living everyday but the feeling that we are alive, become more stronger in these days. Houses are draped everyday but The time to drape the relations comes now. The moments, which we want to store for lifetime can be these moments. I can see that for the celebration of the festival of lights, person starts shining. we get a chance to meet the persons, who see the dreams for us, who make our dreams of them. Elders and teenagers are meet like that we can see them as the dry and green leaves on a single tree. It is not require to get the blessings, It comes automatically from the soil and wind of our native place. Festivals means not only celebration, It is a process of purification of the person. The reason of our sadness is we are not understanding the person. We can make a fake smile on someone’s face but few one can get a true smile because of us on their faces. Its easy to live a single day but not easy to live for someone’s life. We are always seeing the things from our point of view only but sometime try to see the world form someone’s sight. We can see that how and why we are becoming sad. We have to take care of us and for that we have to take care of others. Try to understand that there are so many lives behind a single life. Each life representing past and future of his mates. You can walk only few miles by being single but to go longer you have to take the faith and companionship of thousands of peoples. By being care taker you are not only leading the person but increasing the value of humanity which is trying to come upwards from a long period. It is sure that you will make a change in your life but if you are being a reason of anyone’s change, nothing can be more precious for you compare to that. I hope that the reason for the celebration of festivals is also for give a time to the person for recovering the bonds, which can not being stronger for a long time because of the zigzags of life. If someone want to see his dreams from our eyes it will be pride moment for us. Sometimes it will give more happiness if we work for someone’s happiness. India is believe in the philosophy of the “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” but Indians are still believe that only my relatives are my family. New year is never come for the particular cast or people, It comes for the all. Our nature is also for all but a person can’t be for all. He can be for a small group of people only. Try to be available for all. Your deeds will make you immortal, If it will for all. Everyone who is working for his family is limited for his family only. But the person who is working for all, He will never be limited. He will always expanding with his deeds. Remember that the year becoming old and new, but you are always becoming old only. Your oldness gives you the gift of experience. By your experiences your thoughts can be new. I hope that during this year, you are not only become old, but become a new, by you thoughts and mentalities. As you are getting old, you are also becoming new. Try to improve your newness and work for the development of nation and country. Have a very energizing new year which will be ended with a number of markable new thoughts !!

The New Journey

The New Journey

Life Inside The Life

Have you ever think that how a man can alive?? If you try to find the answer of this question scientifically than you can say that because of his breathing or because of the pulsating of his heart. But in real are the pulses and breath are enough to make a person alive. You eat,You drink,You walk, You speak,You grow,You sleep..Is any of these are enough to prove that you are living?? Living never mean that to be extended by your life. A person is alive because of the faith and hope in his descendants. For us it is not important to believe in our own persons for living better because we have not seen that what is life in actual. But sometimes if you got a time try to understand the life of elders you can easily know that hope, belief and faith are also important to live. Most of them are facing so many problem because their body is not ready to travel with them. Even to walk a small distance they have to need support. Their conditions became so bad than also some of them can easily cross the age of eighty. Here the love and warmth which you have earned during your life helps you to continue your journey. It is more important to earn faith and emotions of people than money. It will give you a reason to live. The strength to maintain a breath comes from there. It gives us atmosphere that we forget our pains and enjoy the life. A tree will grow and give us shade for a long period if we care it. Similarly a person will also give us shade for a long period if we worry for him. By caring a person we give him a trust that he will complete his aspirations. To be  live is not only important, A small deed so that someone can live is also important. Our life is not only made by us. In different segments of life,different type of people come in our life. By spending time with them We are making our life. The contribution of that people plays a big role in our life. We can say that small portion of so many person’s life make our life. It also shows that we are also responsible to make someone’s life. We all are travelling towards end. Someone reach first, someone reach last. During our travelling we get the company and also give the company. That small period will be a part of our both’s life. We have to try to make it best. It must be memorable for us. His face must be shined with the joy for that period. Our aim should be give the happiness to people. No one knows that our togetherness is sustainable for how much period. So why we do the deeds that our value goes down in someone’s sight. Once there was a joker in a circus. Because of that joker,Circus became famous. People came to see the show of this joker far away. He got so many rewards and praise. Finally he became weak as he grew older. He decided to stop his work and live freely. There was his last show. Everyone want to fill the art of this great artist in their eyes. It was also the excellent moment for that artist. With the tears in his eyes, He completed his last show. Someone asked him that why you are decided to take a retirement?? The answer of that joker was like to hear. He said, ” I traveled so many places, I met so many peoples, I lived a small segment of that people’s life. I have a proud that the time during which people are with me they get only happiness. By seeing the faces with smile, I also was being a partner of their joy. My work was to sell the joy and smile. But as I worked more I understand that I was also earning smile and happiness from the people. My audience was sharing their smile with me. They were increasing my enthusiasm and energy. During my all period of work I got love,smile, warmth, faith and trust. I stored each of this in my heart. Now its time that I’m not able to work. My body became weak. I want to live life with the help of similes which I had earned. It would be great for me to live with that what I stored. I can easily find the reason that why I have to travel more.” Think that if a small joker can also spend his last few years with the help of few smiles and claps of his audience, what we can give to our friends and relatives. We have to give something to all who comes in our contact so that at least it will be make their life better. If Welfare of humankind will be our goal than No one can stop you by achieving joy and smile.

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside Friendship

We can only think that we can live alone but in actual no one can do it..A person may be live alone for two or three days but after that he required a mate..He need a person who make a smile on his face..Even our nature is also made with mates..Earth is not alone, It has moon..The group of planets also supporting earth..See the sun..It has a support of hills and mountains to rise and set..Can we image the sunrise or sunset without hills??? Even in the sunset sky also changes its colours and prove that sun is not alone..Sky is with it..Sea is also half without seashore..when we see the wet sand on the seashore it looks like saying that I am with sea..Trees have leaves..Rivers have stones..Clouds have rain..Nothing is in the world which is alone.. According to time and place everything find its mate..We can find a peace by being alone but it has noise from heart..A totally peace is there when we have a few seconds with our mates..Yes there will be a noise of world although there will a silence in our heart..Because we have our own who will never let us without smile..we have those who want to enjoy the life with us..Between persons birth to death so many relations are generated, developed and ended but there is a single one which grows with the time and it is the bond of friendship..It is only the way in which there is always joy and happiness..In every situation who handle us that’s friend..As a small drop of colour mixed with water and we can’t departing it, friend is involved with us and its not possible to remove him from our life..If we take a common moments of friend’s life there is only fun..We want to make each other always gives us the conditions which are demotivating us but by getting together we fight with them..There is no one who can’t see a dream of being successful..The person who put faith on us and motivate us to fulfill our dreams,He is friend..Friendship means not only live together..To live to help each other that’s friendship..To live to handle each other that’s friendship..To disturb faculties without reason that’s friendship..Our every friend has something which is inside us and we have also many things which is inside our friends..we build with our own but the plan of our building is prepared by our friends..To meet, to learn, to know, to preserve, to annoy, to understand, to disturb, to walk together that’s friendship..we celebrating our friendship on a specific day but in actual every day is like a friendship day when our friends are with us..Happy Friendship Day..

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

                            -Anais Nin


I with me

The few moments with your own have a power to make you a successful person..we are always living what is our outside but never trying to live with us..we take care of many person but never take care of our heart..we always trying to achieve things through which our name represent a story of zero to hero..but we never try to understand what our name wants to achieve..generally our aims and goals are decided by our parents..when we get proper understanding for deciding our goals than also we are not searching our path with our own..we  walk on the path which our parents shows is the biggest reason of dissatisfaction in is assure that we are doing best in our work and get the reward but the reward with our own is not achieved..we are not getting the joy for our soul from our work..the reason is only that we are not following us..we are not understanding our own needs and just trying to get it’s possible??.. pass the few seconds with your own..discuss with you that what you achieve and what you loose..everyday for sometime put yourself at outer side and see your behavior as a another person.. it shows you that what changes are required in yourself..if you make a single change in yourself per day imagine yourself after a year..your so many defects are removed by you..remember one thing everyone are seeing the play of our life in which so many characters are coming and leaving us…they are always focusing on us..but they are only interested in our performance..if our performance is well than we are the best in our drama of life…if we are not good in our life’s play than people are remember us during the drama time it is dependent on us that how we improve our performance in the real life drama..just see yourself as a audience.. you are surely able to know that what is required for my development..don’t follow any other one’s instructions..only ask yourself and follow your will help you for being the memorable character in the drama of the life..because no one can take more care of you except you..only you know that what is inside you and what can be done by you..only you knows that what you want and that’s why ask you that what is next and try to achieve each and every goal of your own..and achieve your lifetime goal which is to get the joy from each and every moments of our life and enjoy this wonderful world which god gives us to see the smiles on our faces..