Live in Emptiness

No one wishes to be empty. Everyone and everything, in this world, tries to fill or to be filled. One single wish which runs the life is never to become empty. To be on the top is the priority of everyone nowadays. Ways to reach that peak may be unknown to them, but being on the top will always be their wish. It’s not wrong to dream for the peak, it’s just that we are not starting from valleys. The problem is we are not ready to be empty. Those who are better filled try to fill others and the more empty ones are eager to take even drops from them. What about its quality, how beneficial is it we are getting??


Always being full may be harmful; sometimes we might need to be empty too. Rivers live for thousands of years as they know when to be dry and when to fill themselves with water. Clouds are eager to get vapour from lakes. Lakes are eager to get a spray of water from clouds. Both know the importance of each other. They know when to be empty and when overflow. They wait for their time and then act. Nature always explains that wait for your time and if it is meant to be, then limelight will be focused only on you. But we don’t like to wait. As soon as someone goes near emptiness, he tries to find help who can fill him again. That is where we are mistaken. Dare to remain empty till your time comes. That period will become a dot, which will connect with other dots to form your figure.


Sometimes, your emptiness can become a reason of your fullness. Falling of a flower or leaf causes the birth of another flower or leaf. Their emptiness of autumn is the reason for their flourishing in the spring. Whenever something is moving downwards, don’t think that it is going near to its end. Actually, it is preparing itself to go for the peak. So try to include ups and downs in your path instead of moving in a steady line. It will provide you success but you will not be able to experience the different shades of life. Try to make for peaks through valleys. It will not only make you stronger but give confidence to fight with circumstances. Your life will be balanced if it goes through both the situations.


Find your time to remain empty. Go with the reality. Have faith in yourself. Enjoy the moments that make you stronger.Situation could be anything, but it can’t be bigger than your capacity. Think of yourself as a warrior. If you lose it is OK, at the least you can find the weaknesses of situations. Next time the same emptiness will help you become full. Never become a stone which is eroded and crushed within the river, try to become a stone which helps river to flow from mountains. Never walk with situations and condition; they will crush you like that small stone.


Be a base of your time, give direction to it, Situation will be formed according to you. Learn to live in bad situations, find your weaknesses during that, and that emptiness will give you fullness. Never try to get something from others which can make you full. Be full on your own. Whenever there is emptiness, it is sign of upcoming fullness. Believe it!! Try for once to live in emptiness!! It will make you full!!


The Usefulness of the Cup is its Emptiness.

– Bruce Lee



Live in emptiness

Live in emptiness

River Of Time

The ways are changing everyday. Situations are always in the stage of renovation. It may be difficult or easy, we have to accept it. Change is a part of our life. Like a water of river, we are flowing with time. Starting from the mountain, we are moving towards ocean. we start, we move, we generate, we dry, we filled, we flow, we ended. River starts with water and ends with water. Life is also a story of rivers, A river which starts with bits of heart and ends with a bits of heart. Sometimes someone dries us, someone fills us. But we have to flow for our ocean. An ocean which can saturate us, An ocean which can give us what we want. Most of time of our life is spent for reaching at ocean. There are few people which can reach at their ocean and from them also, there are few ones which can live there for a satisfactory time. Most of us are only flowing. We get the stones, we get the sand and we collect them as our responsibility. There are so many experiences which we get during our journey and we move further with the collection of those. They are like the leaves of our tree, which are dried and falls on the surface of our mind. We have to think about the new growing green leaves which are the future of our tree. The problem with us is that we are moving with new leaves as well as fallen dry leaves. We are not ready to crush it. We are not ready to leave it. Those experiences are staying with us for a lifetime like piles of dry leaves. That pile resist our flow. Our river can’t reach up to our ocean. So many people are there which can’t find a way to flow. They start but can’t make a river. They completed their journey in the form of pond or stream. But If you start with a strong intention the way will be automatically generated for your flow. Your ways stretches you to move. Your first drop of time will surely reach and meet your ocean. Starting of anything will surely good and enthusiastic but it is required that the end is also like the same. Our ends are not like that what we want. To reach up to the end your flow must be strong and powerful which can move you with time. A small stone can produce many waves in a steady water. A small bird is looks like an architecture when we see the construction of its nest. A single boat is enough to travel the seven oceans. A small spark can be the reason of blast. A small rector scale’s earthquake is enough to destroy the number of buildings. These all are looking small but their result shows that how big changes they can make. Change is not done by size, it is done by intentions and contemplation. Change is that what you are doing in your journey from mountain to ocean. Rivers change the lifestyle and culture of humankind during its journey and still changing it. What is a change, that a person make during his journey. Answer is confusing us. Time and situations are changing the person, But a person is still trying to change the time and situations. A person is consuming more time for his own change. Every one has their own beliefs and expectations. Revolution starts when a person starts with his own. I think that it is not important that you reach up the end or not. Important is that what changes you have made, when you are moving. Decades are required for a notable change. It can be easily done if person concentrate on the way, on which he is flowing. A small change will surely integrated as a big change for human kind. Nature can change us than why we can’t??  A person can change person. A society can change society. A culture can change culture. we need to start. we need to move. Future will surely in our hand if we can make our bases strong by changing it.


The Night Of Opportunities

The night is dark, but its darkness is destroyed due to the cold light of the moon. Yes, It is not enough to remove the whole darkness but enough to prove that the sun is coming. The shadow of sun as a moon, is the ray of hope, which comes true with the sparkling dawn. Flowers start growing and birds welcome it with their musical voice. It’s only their hope and faith of bright future which gives them chance for celebration. Our life also have the nights and days. It changes according to conditions and conditions changes according to our way of thinking. Life looks good and joyful when the things are happening according to us. We can say that we make the day of our life. But when the things are opposing us no one is ready to accept it. We think that our shadow will always follow us but when it is not following us it means that our way of struggle is started. If you still walk on that way the world will oppose you. Time will try to crush you. Past has the examples that the way which is horrible with the eyes of world is become right and easy because that way is the selection of traveller of that way and its end is only known by the strugglers. People are only the puppets which are moving as there imaginations moves them. They are only performing their drama. We have to concentrate on our goal. People will change with reference to our positions. We have to change our position, people’s behavior will automatically changed. Be ready to face the night of life. Be ready to choose the way of night, because the Star’s are shines only when there is a darkness. The night of the life can be frightened for anyone but for us it is the step towards our success. It is the source which gives us power to tackle the situations. Put a belief in yourself. The way is only the medium, Important is your goal. If you give up by watching the way, your mind will surely give up its creativity. Roses are growing in morning. It doesn’t mean that they can’t rise in night or they are looking ugly in night. It means that they are showing the result of their preparation of looking batter. They are removing their glares and dust during night. And what we are doing in our night of life? ” Why I got this?? Why only I?? Difficulties sees me only. My luck is bad.” Only these thoughts and questions are the mate of us. Try to improve during situations whatever it may. By crying on the conditions you are only wasting your time. But by thinking about future you can find the ways of improvement and the sun if success will come to give you chance to show who you are. Grate people are not grate because they are great, They are great because they know why and how to become grate. By filling the fuel on petrol pump they can see the dreams of being the founder of a Petrochemical’s company and in actual they can built the foundation like Reliance. They know their capabilities and abilities and also know that how to achieve it. Things or situations are never big. They also like tiny jokes. But the thinkers and viewers of that situations are big. The difference is how we see it as an opportunity. A person can convert his father’s small bhagwati tea stall into the group of five star hotels named as The Grand Bhagwati (TGB). He see tea stall as his future and we see it as a small shop for passing time with friends. We cant see it as an big opportunity for business because our grate ness is into see and study grate peoples only. Only the dreamers of success can find it. Our conditions are good. We have enough resources. We are not sleeping on the footpath. We are not removed from school or colleges. We are not taken any kind of loan for research. We are not adopted by the orphanage. Problem is in the way, how we accepting what we got. Everyone meet to the night during life. No one has a life filled with days only. Difficulties are also part of our life. We have to accept it. We have to live with it. By neglecting it we can get a peace for a short period. It is not the solution. The only solution is, To be ready to convert situations into opportunities, To be ready to convert night of life into an enlightening day. Enjoy a lot !! Get a lot !!


The Night of Opportunities

The Night of Opportunities



Solve the Person

We often judge the persons..There are so many peoples whom we see everyday..Each of them leads an image of life..Everyone has something which can change us but we lose them by judging them..Peoples are like a questions of puzzle..Few of them are solved by us and most of them are unsolved and their secret remains as it is..It is an art to understand the person..even our enemy also has something special for us but our way of thinking about him become a barrier..we can’t solve him..Imagine that what will happen if we solve all the questions of puzzle..we will be a brilliant one..But if we starting to solve the life which we see,we will not only the brilliant one but become more stronger to resist the struggle..we get something new which can change us and everyone like to be changed because all live a life but no one is happy with the way what he is living.. everyone wants something new, something better which can give a sweet smile to his heart..Our mind always wants something more..we can only understand the theory of saturation but can’t apply it on our life..Even a cup of tea will be saturated but a person can’t!!!In the sea also we are finding the diamonds..Yes we require the things but up to certain limit..But no one can find its limit and expanded its needs..I think to achieve more than your needs gives not only pleasure to you but also give an ego as a gift..Most of the people changes when their life changes..But it is required that they remember the humanity.. Sometimes persons and relations are also more important than money..There is a very big gap between to walk alone and  to walk together.. As you go higher you, As your every need converts into reality..the value of human goes down in your calculations..but in reality the relations keeps human alive.. money is only the fuel to move forward..The real life is we and ours..Never try to judge or compare the person..Every one has his own luck and life..Someone gets first..Someone get last..But everyone gets the gifts from life..Have you ever seen the star??There are few ones who can’t see a dream to go there..Let’s try to see the situation over there..Stars also see us..They are also want to meet us..They want to live a life like us..We both can’t do that..To get the life is also a very big achievement.. We are already winners.. It is only required that we walk on the path of our own..It may be possible that destination comes late but it will surely come..The reason is only that you created it and a person’s faith on himself never be wrong..every one knows that what he can do..Then why to see the dreams only??Try to act..Struggle will be difficult but not impossible..If you will put your best success surely comes..The problem with unsuccessful people is only that they can’t convert their passion into their carrier..If you want success than make your passion stronger and to convert your carrier into it otherwise a small job of 10,000 is also enough to fill your hunger..


Fake People

When we are buying any product..our priority is that it must be original.. there are so many products which are not original but available in market..we have to check it properly and decide to buy it…no one can pressurize us to buy it…the final decision is in our hand…if we select dummy product than we can’t achieve what original product give and finally we realize that our selection is wrong..our eyes makes mistake to select it…Are we ever think about dummy people?? in the market of the life we interact with so many peoples but we never try to check them and easily put a faith on them…that is our weak point which can resist us at any stage of our life…there are so many persons which are always trying to show that they are special…in the blindness to show their personality…they forget their reality…they always being best by hiding their realities… if we directly put a faith on them we have to lose our game because of that time we feel that fake person can destroy any one…So never put your faith with the connected people directly..if their is a dummy product we can replace it but if a dummy person is there…his gape never be replaced by any other one and that gape gives you a pain and sore in each and every moments…it never let you free from it and spoil your life..if you want that you never face problems than always live with the original doesn’t matter that how he is…his originality is more important… the person who live with us may be anyone but it is important that he show that i am this and i can do this..a person can be said faithful if he never try to attract us..he only try to achieve its reality and try to be loyal…at the small interval of our life most of us faces problems due to any other one…it only happens if we make a mistake to select a try to find the reality in the person…don’t put the faith on a person by focusing his looking…find the limit of a person…you have to know that my friend or closer person can do anything between these two points…its interval of performance is this…he never come out from is good if he come outer from it but that information is available with us..if you see any unexpected change in your closer one try to leave it…fish and doves are live in lake…when it is drying in summer…doves understand this change and leave it but fish have faith in lake and live with it…finally doves lives and fish dies…you have to decide that what you be want…dove or fish???because a chance is given to us to the realization of reality…if we accept it and leave him…we can be win..otherwise we are losing something in our life and wasting our worthy time with a wrong person…


See and find the Joy

Our observation is limited within the happiness and enjoyments..we are not trying to see any without it..there are so many things which are available for the extreme experience of our presence.. but we are always omitting it from our sight.. we know how important it is for the achievement of the stages of reality..but we are not always trying to focus on it..our soul feels like stranger when it stands with us because it is not achieving what it want from us..we are not able to give the joy to our soul and that’s why we are poor…we all are seeing the world but only few of us are absorbing the world with their eyes..we can absorb it but we don’t..the reason is only that we all have our own world of dreams.. the world where each and every things are waiting to serve us..we are absorbing all from the world of dreams because it has all what we want…it is our own creation..we can’t absorb all in our actual life because there are so many things which we dislikes…we omitting all that things and focusing only on that what we like..but try to observe your dislikes..the things which are omitted from your sights have also a strong reason to stay there…never try to live like a dream..just use it as a reference.. because there is a very big valley between our imagination and reality..there is only happiness in our dreams so we absorb it but in real we have to deal with pain and sore…we are always want to remove it from our life…and so we are not feel safe to absorb it.. A person can be helpful as a guide if he has a sight to see the joy and sore equally..if you really want to achieve some special be ready to welcome the pain also..try to get joy from your sorrows and than you will be a special..these all joy and sorrows are just like a glasses..the joy is a colourful glass which attracts all…and the pain and sorrows are like a broken glasses…they were also a glasses but by mistake of a person their condition become bad..but if you have a knowledge of reality than you consider it as a glass and convert the broken pieces into the glass with some process.. in our life also the pain are created because of our mistakes…consider that pain as a joy and try to convert it into joy again.. if you achieve this art not a single moment make you present only our soul knows this fact and try to get the joy from everything but are never supporting it to get the enjoyment from the sorrows.. at that moment it feels like a stranger.. but if we also tries to convert the pain into opportunities than the work of our both surely give the result… you can easily guess what is that??? It’s a life in which no one has a complaints…no one has problems..because we know how to handle them and how to convert them into the joy and happiness..Just try do it with the help of your can do that..


Wish of freedom

India wants to remove its boundaries..It wants to see the pleasure on the faces of want to give a real freedom to its citizen..we got the freedom but the true experience of the freedom is not seen on the faces of Indians..we want it like the water in desert..the world has so many things for fill the curiosity of people.. it has many scenes to see and capture with the camera of eyes..there are many places where you stop to think and start to has the path to reach at stage of the infinite joy..the smallest thing of the world has a power teach the person..nothing is in this world which is not important for us..the world is an open book..the syllabus of life is covered in this book..the images which oblige  us to know abut the happiness..but problem is that a person can’t read this whole book..only the few pages or few chapters of this book we can read..because an imaginary lines are made in this book by the readers..the author wrote this book for all but readers divided it in a one can read all parts because if it tries to do like that he will be arrested..the world is made for all but we divided it with the imaginary lines..we divided it into the areas and named it as a country..the world is converted into the countries..because of this the peoples are also divided into different groups..the realness is forgot by us that we all are the same..our mentality is centered only in the development of our region and country.. few peoples who are talented makes a some rules and regulations and become as a leader of the country..because of their leadership their group or country develops as they wish..but the complete freedom which lord gives to us is not fulfilled.. we can’t get the joy from the whole world..our imagination is limited within the areas made by boundaries…when we cross that boundaries than our imagination comes from the whole world and at that time we really understand that the nature has many to show and teach has no boundaries and that’s why it is beautiful.. when we achieve a real freedom to learn from the world’s each and every corners at that time world also become happy and think for a moment that the dream which i see from many years is fulfilled…

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Happiness from sorrows..

The common experience says that we are always in search of the light…each and every person is searching light and wants to shine himself…to be in a limelight gives pleasure to anyone..but we are not a source of that light..we want that the light of any other one shine us..we are not ready to spread the light and than also we wants light…we want to shine..we always do all to show that i am the great..but if you crushed and put yourself in a fire to give a light to world… your goal will be achieved without any show off..don’t try to be the best…only put your best in your will be the best..i think to achieve the best is very easy..but to maintain that stage for lifetime is to hard…to produce a sweet music.. many holes are created on a flute..but it never complaint..because it knows that to give pleasure anyone.. someone has to be pressed over sorrows…the roses are crushed its give a smell of smile in our life…sun is burning to give a light…all those who are considered as best are facing many problems.. but they don’t care because their aim is to see a smiling on a’s a very easy for us to enjoy…but a thing which gives enjoyment to us is always losses something for our happiness..its good to enjoy our life..but sometime just try to give enjoyment and lights to any others.. you will understand that how happiness produced.. you will be sure that we can only get light but can’t be light..the root of happiness is sorrows..don’t always smile..sometime try to find the tears in that smiles..