River Of Time

The ways are changing everyday. Situations are always in the stage of renovation. It may be difficult or easy, we have to accept it. Change is a part of our life. Like a water of river, we are flowing with time. Starting from the mountain, we are moving towards ocean. we start, we move, we generate, we dry, we filled, we flow, we ended. River starts with water and ends with water. Life is also a story of rivers, A river which starts with bits of heart and ends with a bits of heart. Sometimes someone dries us, someone fills us. But we have to flow for our ocean. An ocean which can saturate us, An ocean which can give us what we want. Most of time of our life is spent for reaching at ocean. There are few people which can reach at their ocean and from them also, there are few ones which can live there for a satisfactory time. Most of us are only flowing. We get the stones, we get the sand and we collect them as our responsibility. There are so many experiences which we get during our journey and we move further with the collection of those. They are like the leaves of our tree, which are dried and falls on the surface of our mind. We have to think about the new growing green leaves which are the future of our tree. The problem with us is that we are moving with new leaves as well as fallen dry leaves. We are not ready to crush it. We are not ready to leave it. Those experiences are staying with us for a lifetime like piles of dry leaves. That pile resist our flow. Our river can’t reach up to our ocean. So many people are there which can’t find a way to flow. They start but can’t make a river. They completed their journey in the form of pond or stream. But If you start with a strong intention the way will be automatically generated for your flow. Your ways stretches you to move. Your first drop of time will surely reach and meet your ocean. Starting of anything will surely good and enthusiastic but it is required that the end is also like the same. Our ends are not like that what we want. To reach up to the end your flow must be strong and powerful which can move you with time. A small stone can produce many waves in a steady water. A small bird is looks like an architecture when we see the construction of its nest. A single boat is enough to travel the seven oceans. A small spark can be the reason of blast. A small rector scale’s earthquake is enough to destroy the number of buildings. These all are looking small but their result shows that how big changes they can make. Change is not done by size, it is done by intentions and contemplation. Change is that what you are doing in your journey from mountain to ocean. Rivers change the lifestyle and culture of humankind during its journey and still changing it. What is a change, that a person make during his journey. Answer is confusing us. Time and situations are changing the person, But a person is still trying to change the time and situations. A person is consuming more time for his own change. Every one has their own beliefs and expectations. Revolution starts when a person starts with his own. I think that it is not important that you reach up the end or not. Important is that what changes you have made, when you are moving. Decades are required for a notable change. It can be easily done if person concentrate on the way, on which he is flowing. A small change will surely integrated as a big change for human kind. Nature can change us than why we can’t??¬† A person can change person. A society can change society. A culture can change culture. we need to start. we need to move. Future will surely in our hand if we can make our bases strong by changing it.


Life Inside The Life

Have you ever think that how a man can alive?? If you try to find the answer of this question scientifically than you can say that because of his breathing or because of the pulsating of his heart. But in real are the pulses and breath are enough to make a person alive. You eat,You drink,You walk, You speak,You grow,You sleep..Is any of these are enough to prove that you are living?? Living never mean that to be extended by your life. A person is alive because of the faith and hope in his descendants. For us it is not important to believe in our own persons for living better because we have not seen that what is life in actual. But sometimes if you got a time try to understand the life of elders you can easily know that hope, belief and faith are also important to live. Most of them are facing so many problem because their body is not ready to travel with them. Even to walk a small distance they have to need support. Their conditions became so bad than also some of them can easily cross the age of eighty. Here the love and warmth which you have earned during your life helps you to continue your journey. It is more important to earn faith and emotions of people than money. It will give you a reason to live. The strength to maintain a breath comes from there. It gives us atmosphere that we forget our pains and enjoy the life. A tree will grow and give us shade for a long period if we care it. Similarly a person will also give us shade for a long period if we worry for him. By caring a person we give him a trust that he will complete his aspirations. To be¬† live is not only important, A small deed so that someone can live is also important. Our life is not only made by us. In different segments of life,different type of people come in our life. By spending time with them We are making our life. The contribution of that people plays a big role in our life. We can say that small portion of so many person’s life make our life. It also shows that we are also responsible to make someone’s life. We all are travelling towards end. Someone reach first, someone reach last. During our travelling we get the company and also give the company. That small period will be a part of our both’s life. We have to try to make it best. It must be memorable for us. His face must be shined with the joy for that period. Our aim should be give the happiness to people. No one knows that our togetherness is sustainable for how much period. So why we do the deeds that our value goes down in someone’s sight. Once there was a joker in a circus. Because of that joker,Circus became famous. People came to see the show of this joker far away. He got so many rewards and praise. Finally he became weak as he grew older. He decided to stop his work and live freely. There was his last show. Everyone want to fill the art of this great artist in their eyes. It was also the excellent moment for that artist. With the tears in his eyes, He completed his last show. Someone asked him that why you are decided to take a retirement?? The answer of that joker was like to hear. He said, ” I traveled so many places, I met so many peoples, I lived a small segment of that people’s life. I have a proud that the time during which people are with me they get only happiness. By seeing the faces with smile, I also was being a partner of their joy. My work was to sell the joy and smile. But as I worked more I understand that I was also earning smile and happiness from the people. My audience was sharing their smile with me. They were increasing my enthusiasm and energy. During my all period of work I got love,smile, warmth, faith and trust. I stored each of this in my heart. Now its time that I’m not able to work. My body became weak. I want to live life with the help of similes which I had earned. It would be great for me to live with that what I stored. I can easily find the reason that why I have to travel more.” Think that if a small joker can also spend his last few years with the help of few smiles and claps of his audience, what we can give to our friends and relatives. We have to give something to all who comes in our contact so that at least it will be make their life better. If Welfare of humankind will be our goal than No one can stop you by achieving joy and smile.

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside Friendship

We can only think that we can live alone but in actual no one can do it..A person may be live alone for two or three days but after that he required a mate..He need a person who make a smile on his face..Even our nature is also made with mates..Earth is not alone, It has moon..The group of planets also supporting earth..See the sun..It has a support of hills and mountains to rise and set..Can we image the sunrise or sunset without hills??? Even in the sunset sky also changes its colours and prove that sun is not alone..Sky is with it..Sea is also half without seashore..when we see the wet sand on the seashore it looks like saying that I am with sea..Trees have leaves..Rivers have stones..Clouds have rain..Nothing is in the world which is alone.. According to time and place everything find its mate..We can find a peace by being alone but it has noise from heart..A totally peace is there when we have a few seconds with our mates..Yes there will be a noise of world although there will a silence in our heart..Because we have our own who will never let us without smile..we have those who want to enjoy the life with us..Between persons birth to death so many relations are generated, developed and ended but there is a single one which grows with the time and it is the bond of friendship..It is only the way in which there is always joy and happiness..In every situation who handle us that’s friend..As a small drop of colour mixed with water and we can’t departing it, friend is involved with us and its not possible to remove him from our life..If we take a common moments of friend’s life there is only fun..We want to make each other happy..world always gives us the conditions which are demotivating us but by getting together we fight with them..There is no one who can’t see a dream of being successful..The person who put faith on us and motivate us to fulfill our dreams,He is friend..Friendship means not only live together..To live to help each other that’s friendship..To live to handle each other that’s friendship..To disturb faculties without reason that’s friendship..Our every friend has something which is inside us and we have also many things which is inside our friends..we build with our own but the plan of our building is prepared by our friends..To meet, to learn, to know, to preserve, to annoy, to understand, to disturb, to walk together that’s friendship..we celebrating our friendship on a specific day but in actual every day is like a friendship day when our friends are with us..Happy Friendship Day..

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

                            -Anais Nin


Solve the Person

We often judge the persons..There are so many peoples whom we see everyday..Each of them leads an image of life..Everyone has something which can change us but we lose them by judging them..Peoples are like a questions of puzzle..Few of them are solved by us and most of them are unsolved and their secret remains as it is..It is an art to understand the person..even our enemy also has something special for us but our way of thinking about him become a barrier..we can’t solve him..Imagine that what will happen if we solve all the questions of puzzle..we will be a brilliant one..But if we starting to solve the life which we see,we will not only the brilliant one but become more stronger to resist the struggle..we get something new which can change us and everyone like to be changed because all live a life but no one is happy with the way what he is living.. everyone wants something new, something better which can give a sweet smile to his heart..Our mind always wants something more..we can only understand the theory of saturation but can’t apply it on our life..Even a cup of tea will be saturated but a person can’t!!!In the sea also we are finding the diamonds..Yes we require the things but up to certain limit..But no one can find its limit and expanded its needs..I think to achieve more than your needs gives not only pleasure to you but also give an ego as a gift..Most of the people changes when their life changes..But it is required that they remember the humanity.. Sometimes persons and relations are also more important than money..There is a very big gap between to walk alone and¬† to walk together.. As you go higher you, As your every need converts into reality..the value of human goes down in your calculations..but in reality the relations keeps human alive.. money is only the fuel to move forward..The real life is we and ours..Never try to judge or compare the person..Every one has his own luck and life..Someone gets first..Someone get last..But everyone gets the gifts from life..Have you ever seen the star??There are few ones who can’t see a dream to go there..Let’s try to see the situation over there..Stars also see us..They are also want to meet us..They want to live a life like us..We both can’t do that..To get the life is also a very big achievement.. We are already winners.. It is only required that we walk on the path of our own..It may be possible that destination comes late but it will surely come..The reason is only that you created it and a person’s faith on himself never be wrong..every one knows that what he can do..Then why to see the dreams only??Try to act..Struggle will be difficult but not impossible..If you will put your best success surely comes..The problem with unsuccessful people is only that they can’t convert their passion into their carrier..If you want success than make your passion stronger and to convert your carrier into it otherwise a small job of 10,000 is also enough to fill your hunger..


Ride on life

The single sentence which stops person to fulfill his dream is “I will be wrong”..The fear of being wrong always stops us to walk on the path of our imagination..The power to win is equally divided in everyone but the fear to loose stops the person to put a leg in a battle..It is like that because of the fear of the storm you are not seating in a cool wind…perhaps we are prisoners in our own prison…between the caves of past,our courage is burning like a wood..all this happens because we are not believing in our light..its right that we want to walk but we have a fear to fall..I think that every person has a height of his own..But some of them can reach at there..most of us are fight with the life to reach there..our every step is to prove our self..somewhere that steps are always in the search of destination of peace..That peace will make the echoes of presence..world changes, time changes, expectations changes, goal changes, thoughts changes but still the hope remains as it is..mind always makes the forts of dreams..it never stops..if a plane is burning and it is sure that death will arrive still a person is finding a life in name of god..that is a hope..we are accepting the life but not accepting the sudden change in it..But life is a simple journey between tear to smile..There is a beauty in every change of life if we ready to accept..But we need more and more with our life..we have a fear that I will not be noticed..what other people think on us is root of our failure..World never accept those people who are prepared only to show..Man is made by himself..Time make a person..The wings of experience build the person..All are same but the way of think makes a difference between Einstein and Vivekananda..Life is different with every one’s point of view..everyone make his own world..Life is a game of thoughts..who understand, he try to make his world of dreams and be what he thinks..we also try but the fear of being wrong comes like a shadow and finally we give up..Life take a turn away from the dreams..Life does not mean that everything will happen as you want..Here we have to accept some accidental occasions which can surprise us..In reality these are created to build us..As a child fall he learn to walk if a man fall he learn how to live..our every step gives us something new..we have to make a way from it..The true value of life is calculated on this way..Life is filled with full of situations..Every situation has something which may occur change in us…But we have a fear of accept..we can not live smoothly.. The up and downs are always created.. We have a satisfaction of going upwards but no one has a courage to go down..when we can find a satisfaction of going down at that day no need required in life because you will be able to enjoy the ride of life fearlessly.. Though you will on a dirty rigid plane still your beauty still attracts the people like that flower!!! You have a power to create the environment as you want..Try to find it..


Colours of Life

There are so many things which are present in the world but we can’t find a reason to see it if it has no colour..Colours are the soul of the world..I think our life is also filled with full of colours..That colours are making the picture of our life..That colours are easily mixed with the time and the image of life is created..Our dreams are our colour..Our thoughts,imagination and faith are our colours..The proper combination of that colours with a perfect time makes our life special..There are so many colours but the beauty of our life is depends on how we use that colours..The problem with us is that we are not well painters who can mix the colour with time and make a unique image of a unique life..Every colour can make image but important is that how it filled in drawing..As some of painters can do that only few persons make a special drawing of life with colours..The world is a canvas on which so many lifes are painted..Our life is not fulfilled with colours..Some colours are missing..They are waiting to join our life..First one is a colour of unity..See the colours..Their unity gives them beauty..when two colours are mixed one new colour is created..and never departed from each other.. When two man are mixed they can’t live together for lifetime..Colours are living better life compare to us..Colours have their own world in which only happy ness is staying..In our world the colours of sorrows are also staying..We have to convert that colours into the colours of happiness.. for that we have to mix our sorrows with the colour of faith that this bed moments are build me for the success..It is bed for me now but it will be good for my development..If we mix our problems with this kind of colours of faith than the colour of happy ness is also comes in our life..We have also a fear to take the risks..This colour makes our image ugly..It prohibit the success..we have to remove this colour from our life..Colours are the message which gives us the direction to make the change in us..Only a small change in colour make many pictures..A small change in a person change the life of person..We have to make a change in us..The sun has power but it has not a beauty because it has a single colour..Nature has not the power but it has so many colours which makes it special..In life only power of position is not important..If you have not a power but if you have the good combination of the colours than your beauty of life will be observed..Always follow a single speciality of colour.. It always mixed with water..We are not mixed with the people because of our ego..Just be ready to accept everyone.. Mix with anyone like a colour..You will be noticed.. Always open the mind and welcome all the conditions..Never look back..Just give a better fight to your conditions.. It will not seen that why you lose?? It will seen that how strongly you fight..Just put yourself in the ocean of the moments and swim in it like a colour.. Give a chance of your every colour to mix with the ocean of the time..It will give you the real experience if your presence in this world..Not only see the colour Sometimes try to be a colour and see how beautiful our life is..


Find it to Achieve

Life is becoming more and more fast..We are going so speedily that we can’t see any other one..Our relations with our society are decreasing continuously..There are so many peoples who are neglected by us everyday..Each and every person is showing us the real examples of life..By observing it we can learn a lessons of a happy life..Here life of any person may be show a path of success..but we are not seeing anyone’s life.. our ego always stops us for doing that..Yes,we are seeing the persons..but their qualities and speciality is always makes us unhappy and we are simply trying to forget about his specialities.. Because to see the success of any other person is becoming more worst moments for us..In the time when we are trying to be successful and can’t gain a single achievement..The specialities of other one are not us but they are like a source of light..with the help of that at least a small fire of speciality can starts to burn in us..But the basic requirement is that we have to find it from the people and come in the contact with it..we have to be always prepared to get from others..That is the best way to which makes you best..It is required for everyone that he is to keep growing..Even the nature also changing as the time changes..But the change in us is only comes when we see that what changes are required in us..And for that we have to put our ego in side and be ready to accept the truth that other one are better than us..By finding the reasons of their success we can also make a change in our life and achieve what we want..In some cases we really feel that the regular struggle with the hope of change makes a person best..There are so many examples in the history where the worst conditions are converted into the moments of success..All of that persons has a specialty that they learn with the world..It is not necessary that study is required for success but by study from the peoples we can make our path simple..Not only the people but the trees, birds, animals and mountains can also teach us the lessons of success but the sight is required which can see the hidden message of the nature which it want to give us..Once a great personality is invited to give a speech on his success.. that person says I am successful because I am a son of a fisherman..All are amazed that how a person get a success by a fishing??That person says when my father were going for fishing sometimes I also go with them..I see that there are so many fishes in the see..As my father give a food to them..All become greedy to eat it..because of their greed they fall in the hand of fisherman and loose their life..In the see of world we all are hungry fishes..we are hungry for success..It makes us greedy..we become happy to see a few fame like a fish and finally we are fall in the hand of god..If you really want success than never try to be greedy for it..It tends you against the success..I simply follow this message and today I am here..Just think that a boy of a fisherman can be successful because he always studying from what he seeing..If a small fish can change a way of thinking of a boy and make him great than we are the elders..There are so many things in this world whose hidden message is omitted by us..we have to find it..we have to understand it..It may be possible that a small message can change you.. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t..if you start to achieve it than no one can stop you because you have the knowledge of life which is achieved from those who are always fighting with it and finally wins..