Days in Shadow

Everyday starts with number of possibilities. Each day is infinite. Every new day provides a new opportunity to us, for creating a new datum of our journey. Change is always ready to enter our lives, but every change is outside our comfort zone while our practice is to be among facilities.


We have comforted ourselves to work within the area where risk is zero. That comfort itself has actually become an obstacle in our success while we keep blaming luck or time. No one is ready to move above their fears. People restrict themselves within the limits. Limits, that are nothing but imaginary lines that we create ourselves listening to a few other unsuccessful people! Pushing those limits can be a real game changer once we dare to.


But we expect smiles without tears, pain is always avoided by people. Everyone is finding a way, a chance, an opportunity which can bring success without efforts or with minimum efforts. But is it possible to acquire a shape without absorbing the heat? We are in search of an infinite ever-glowing power source of energy. There are many ways to get a supply of energy but the only way that it is 100% sustainable and reliable is that the source of power generation must be within us.

Diversity gives us a chance to choose and apply, but it will only be effective if the selection is based on our ability. Selection on the basis of dreambility will only flow us. Other ways will make us the water which never finds its way to sea. Everyone has magic, we just need to find a block on which we can successfully apply the magic.


There are many unknown opportunities that knock our door. But someone who is dreaming behind that door, is limiting his abilities within a single room. He thinks that things will fall into place according to him. If he rapidly moves outward and catches that knock, his life might get transformed. But reality is different.

Just knocks are not enough to shake our stubbornness. They are meant to give a jerk to us. So be ready for every knock, every knock can turn into a blissful surprise. Be strong and bear the things. You have to be strong enough to turn your dream into reality. Every knock makes you powerful enough to bear next knock. Jerks are only meant to keep you awake. Open the doors. Let opportunities comes inside.


Everything might not moving as we wish, but we can change ourselves according to situations. Chances that  come in our life are little drops of rain. It is depends on the place, on which they land. If they fall on a stone cold man, nothing will happen. But those very drops when fall on a seed-like-boy, he will bloom into a beautiful plant and eventually a fruitful tree.


It depends on the person, how he is taking things. Capturing the chances looks easy but it will be great only if it is captured by heart. Eyes will only give beauty. Emotions will come when the heart is involved!! Let your heart become a part of your work and capture a right one !! Life is amazing !! Enjoying is on you !!

Look at the sparrows;
they do not know what they will do in the next moment. 
Let us literally live from moment to moment.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Live in Emptiness

No one wishes to be empty. Everyone and everything, in this world, tries to fill or to be filled. One single wish which runs the life is never to become empty. To be on the top is the priority of everyone nowadays. Ways to reach that peak may be unknown to them, but being on the top will always be their wish. It’s not wrong to dream for the peak, it’s just that we are not starting from valleys. The problem is we are not ready to be empty. Those who are better filled try to fill others and the more empty ones are eager to take even drops from them. What about its quality, how beneficial is it we are getting??


Always being full may be harmful; sometimes we might need to be empty too. Rivers live for thousands of years as they know when to be dry and when to fill themselves with water. Clouds are eager to get vapour from lakes. Lakes are eager to get a spray of water from clouds. Both know the importance of each other. They know when to be empty and when overflow. They wait for their time and then act. Nature always explains that wait for your time and if it is meant to be, then limelight will be focused only on you. But we don’t like to wait. As soon as someone goes near emptiness, he tries to find help who can fill him again. That is where we are mistaken. Dare to remain empty till your time comes. That period will become a dot, which will connect with other dots to form your figure.


Sometimes, your emptiness can become a reason of your fullness. Falling of a flower or leaf causes the birth of another flower or leaf. Their emptiness of autumn is the reason for their flourishing in the spring. Whenever something is moving downwards, don’t think that it is going near to its end. Actually, it is preparing itself to go for the peak. So try to include ups and downs in your path instead of moving in a steady line. It will provide you success but you will not be able to experience the different shades of life. Try to make for peaks through valleys. It will not only make you stronger but give confidence to fight with circumstances. Your life will be balanced if it goes through both the situations.


Find your time to remain empty. Go with the reality. Have faith in yourself. Enjoy the moments that make you stronger.Situation could be anything, but it can’t be bigger than your capacity. Think of yourself as a warrior. If you lose it is OK, at the least you can find the weaknesses of situations. Next time the same emptiness will help you become full. Never become a stone which is eroded and crushed within the river, try to become a stone which helps river to flow from mountains. Never walk with situations and condition; they will crush you like that small stone.


Be a base of your time, give direction to it, Situation will be formed according to you. Learn to live in bad situations, find your weaknesses during that, and that emptiness will give you fullness. Never try to get something from others which can make you full. Be full on your own. Whenever there is emptiness, it is sign of upcoming fullness. Believe it!! Try for once to live in emptiness!! It will make you full!!


The Usefulness of the Cup is its Emptiness.

– Bruce Lee



Live in emptiness

Live in emptiness

Solve the Person

We often judge the persons..There are so many peoples whom we see everyday..Each of them leads an image of life..Everyone has something which can change us but we lose them by judging them..Peoples are like a questions of puzzle..Few of them are solved by us and most of them are unsolved and their secret remains as it is..It is an art to understand the person..even our enemy also has something special for us but our way of thinking about him become a barrier..we can’t solve him..Imagine that what will happen if we solve all the questions of puzzle..we will be a brilliant one..But if we starting to solve the life which we see,we will not only the brilliant one but become more stronger to resist the struggle..we get something new which can change us and everyone like to be changed because all live a life but no one is happy with the way what he is living.. everyone wants something new, something better which can give a sweet smile to his heart..Our mind always wants something more..we can only understand the theory of saturation but can’t apply it on our life..Even a cup of tea will be saturated but a person can’t!!!In the sea also we are finding the diamonds..Yes we require the things but up to certain limit..But no one can find its limit and expanded its needs..I think to achieve more than your needs gives not only pleasure to you but also give an ego as a gift..Most of the people changes when their life changes..But it is required that they remember the humanity.. Sometimes persons and relations are also more important than money..There is a very big gap between to walk alone and  to walk together.. As you go higher you, As your every need converts into reality..the value of human goes down in your calculations..but in reality the relations keeps human alive.. money is only the fuel to move forward..The real life is we and ours..Never try to judge or compare the person..Every one has his own luck and life..Someone gets first..Someone get last..But everyone gets the gifts from life..Have you ever seen the star??There are few ones who can’t see a dream to go there..Let’s try to see the situation over there..Stars also see us..They are also want to meet us..They want to live a life like us..We both can’t do that..To get the life is also a very big achievement.. We are already winners.. It is only required that we walk on the path of our own..It may be possible that destination comes late but it will surely come..The reason is only that you created it and a person’s faith on himself never be wrong..every one knows that what he can do..Then why to see the dreams only??Try to act..Struggle will be difficult but not impossible..If you will put your best success surely comes..The problem with unsuccessful people is only that they can’t convert their passion into their carrier..If you want success than make your passion stronger and to convert your carrier into it otherwise a small job of 10,000 is also enough to fill your hunger..