Live in Emptiness

No one wishes to be empty. Everyone and everything, in this world, tries to fill or to be filled. One single wish which runs the life is never to become empty. To be on the top is the priority of everyone nowadays. Ways to reach that peak may be unknown to them, but being on the top will always be their wish. It’s not wrong to dream for the peak, it’s just that we are not starting from valleys. The problem is we are not ready to be empty. Those who are better filled try to fill others and the more empty ones are eager to take even drops from them. What about its quality, how beneficial is it we are getting??


Always being full may be harmful; sometimes we might need to be empty too. Rivers live for thousands of years as they know when to be dry and when to fill themselves with water. Clouds are eager to get vapour from lakes. Lakes are eager to get a spray of water from clouds. Both know the importance of each other. They know when to be empty and when overflow. They wait for their time and then act. Nature always explains that wait for your time and if it is meant to be, then limelight will be focused only on you. But we don’t like to wait. As soon as someone goes near emptiness, he tries to find help who can fill him again. That is where we are mistaken. Dare to remain empty till your time comes. That period will become a dot, which will connect with other dots to form your figure.


Sometimes, your emptiness can become a reason of your fullness. Falling of a flower or leaf causes the birth of another flower or leaf. Their emptiness of autumn is the reason for their flourishing in the spring. Whenever something is moving downwards, don’t think that it is going near to its end. Actually, it is preparing itself to go for the peak. So try to include ups and downs in your path instead of moving in a steady line. It will provide you success but you will not be able to experience the different shades of life. Try to make for peaks through valleys. It will not only make you stronger but give confidence to fight with circumstances. Your life will be balanced if it goes through both the situations.


Find your time to remain empty. Go with the reality. Have faith in yourself. Enjoy the moments that make you stronger.Situation could be anything, but it can’t be bigger than your capacity. Think of yourself as a warrior. If you lose it is OK, at the least you can find the weaknesses of situations. Next time the same emptiness will help you become full. Never become a stone which is eroded and crushed within the river, try to become a stone which helps river to flow from mountains. Never walk with situations and condition; they will crush you like that small stone.


Be a base of your time, give direction to it, Situation will be formed according to you. Learn to live in bad situations, find your weaknesses during that, and that emptiness will give you fullness. Never try to get something from others which can make you full. Be full on your own. Whenever there is emptiness, it is sign of upcoming fullness. Believe it!! Try for once to live in emptiness!! It will make you full!!


The Usefulness of the Cup is its Emptiness.

– Bruce Lee



Live in emptiness

Live in emptiness

A True Feeling, In Imaginations

In our life we can see that our imaginations are strong but the reality is weak. we still finding joy in dreams. The world which we are seeing behind our eyes is always reflecting the echoes of our own voice but our intelligence stops us by hearing it. The way on which we have to travel is already constructed by our thoughts and imaginations but somehow we are neglecting it. we have a doubt on our own abilities. If a bird has doubt on his wings how can it fly?? Our desires and goals are like a wilted plant of a desert which want to grow but no one is there to take care of it. It loose its game of life against the flow of conditions. Perhaps, we are also like that wilted plant. Some of us got a special care and be a green tree, some be a tree by luck and some of us are like that plant which want to be a tree, which fights with conditions but than also it looses its game and crushed in the clay. Our imaginations is pressed due to the load life. we are not giving a chance to it for moving upwards. The fear of failure is destroying our hopes and dreams. They are ready to fly but we are not ready to move our wings and than also we want to fly more higher in the sky of life. How it is possible?? If you want to a star, you have to burn for spreading light. Diamond is also shines because it is rubbed. To fly with the heights of life, you have to be prepared to fall. The more a person fall, the more he become stronger. The voice will only become sound when it vibrates. Learn to build the roads of life. The world will show you the thousands of destinations but you have to make your own destination. Remember one thing whatever worst the way, it leads to the destination. It will be made of stones, dust, plaster or asphalt but it is for destination. Its quality can be varied but its aim is single. Life’s roads are also for your goals if you choose it wisely. Never think about the how the way is, If it’s towards your dream than walk on it.

Once there was an exhibition of the paintings of a great painter. He was admired all over in the world. It was its last exhibition. All people want to know that what he will say. And finally at the end of exhibition he stood up to give a speech. His words is more inspiring for us. He says , ” It was my way and I enjoyed my journey. It is special for me that I reached where I want to go. I was not painting the paintings,I only expressing my world of imaginations on the canvas. Everyday I was seeing the two sides of life. One was filed with so many colors and another one was uncolored. That second side was disappointing me and I stared to fill the colors in it. My all paintings are the filling of colors in that uncolored side of life. During my life I only chase the uncolored side of the people’s life and tried to fill them with my imaginations.” A small person is being a great painter because of his imaginations. We also see the lives. we also have disappointments. But we are not converting into our thoughts and imaginations. If you can do it than you haven’t try to find your specialty. It automatically comes through your feelings. It may be the painting, poem,song or dance. If you can feel that uncolored part of life than the goal and ways will surely makes you what you want. Everyone is living but fewer are understanding the things which are happening nearer to them. Try to find it and be a person what your dreams want make you.

True feelings in imaginations

True feelings in imaginations

Compromise for happiness

Children are compared with the god..we all like babies..their sweetness can easily attract anyone..whenever we see a baby our eyes are attracted towards his beauty..our childhood is only the time when we are all time happy..everyone wants to go back in his childhood..we are happy in our childhood because we can easily compromise with our mind..we are hungry to achieve that all what we see..if we can’t achieve than our parents are divert us in any other thing and we forget what we want and focus on other one..why??because we compromise with our own..we tell us that what if we can’t achieve that one..this another one is ready for me..i try on this one..have you ever seen that a baby is crying for achieve a single thing?Yes,he try his best to achieve it but if he can’t he never cry..he will divert himself to any other one..this simple logic makes him happy forever..But a person is crying to achieve a single thing..As our age increases our power of compromising decreases..A little child can be happy with the simple compromise but an aged person can’t..I also agree that sometimes we have to focus only on our goal and try to achieve it but there is proper time to focus and achieve our goal.. If you crossed your age of 40 and than also crying for your goal than you are cutting your trees of happiness with your own hand..expecting success there are so many little things in our life which makes us unhappy..if we try to compromise in such a things we can easily make a sorrow less life. we all know that no one can achieve all his desires.. but than also we are always waiting for a new is very interesting that if a person is very rich and successful than also he need more and more..If you can be happy with a simple compromise with your own than why the wasting of our life in the tension of more and more??There was a two of them is very intelligent and another one was average student..both want to earn more and more and be a successful..when their graduation is completed both were selected in placement and gain a job in different companies..after so many years they meet in an occasion of Reunion in their college.. the average student was very happy and looking satisfied with his work..that brilliant one asked him about his salary..He was shocked that his friend was earning only ten thousand in a month but still he was happy and he was earning more than his friend but he was need more and more and be a the tension of his richness his present can’t see his success..That brilliant one asked his friend that how you are happy with this limited salary?? i am earning more than you still i am in the tension of future..That student told his friend that a smile on our face is more precious than money..what if we can’t earn more??If god give me enough to smile,why i spoil a life of my family?? My smile is a reason to smile for my family..I never want to make them unhappy and so i am happy.. At that time that brilliant one compromise with his own and his life is converted into the golden time in which he can see a smile on the faces of his family..This simple decision can change your way to live and make you happy..Our so many smiles are hidden behind our imagination of future..Try to compromise and give a chance to your life that he makes your present happier..Never lost a single of that smile otherwise your happiest present will be converted into a price less past..It is better to call the hidden rain of smiles from the atmosphere and be cool and happy other than being hot and rigid with the sun of success..because only few persons can smile in the conditions in which one hand is coolest and one hand is hottest..The choice is yours.


I with me

The few moments with your own have a power to make you a successful person..we are always living what is our outside but never trying to live with us..we take care of many person but never take care of our heart..we always trying to achieve things through which our name represent a story of zero to hero..but we never try to understand what our name wants to achieve..generally our aims and goals are decided by our parents..when we get proper understanding for deciding our goals than also we are not searching our path with our own..we  walk on the path which our parents shows is the biggest reason of dissatisfaction in is assure that we are doing best in our work and get the reward but the reward with our own is not achieved..we are not getting the joy for our soul from our work..the reason is only that we are not following us..we are not understanding our own needs and just trying to get it’s possible??.. pass the few seconds with your own..discuss with you that what you achieve and what you loose..everyday for sometime put yourself at outer side and see your behavior as a another person.. it shows you that what changes are required in yourself..if you make a single change in yourself per day imagine yourself after a year..your so many defects are removed by you..remember one thing everyone are seeing the play of our life in which so many characters are coming and leaving us…they are always focusing on us..but they are only interested in our performance..if our performance is well than we are the best in our drama of life…if we are not good in our life’s play than people are remember us during the drama time it is dependent on us that how we improve our performance in the real life drama..just see yourself as a audience.. you are surely able to know that what is required for my development..don’t follow any other one’s instructions..only ask yourself and follow your will help you for being the memorable character in the drama of the life..because no one can take more care of you except you..only you know that what is inside you and what can be done by you..only you knows that what you want and that’s why ask you that what is next and try to achieve each and every goal of your own..and achieve your lifetime goal which is to get the joy from each and every moments of our life and enjoy this wonderful world which god gives us to see the smiles on our faces..