Three Roads With Single End

Time of our life is framed in past, present and future. Past is experiences, present is chance and future is expectations. All three are different but dependent on each other. Our expectations always help us to find a chance. Experience never give chance but it learns how to pick a chance and convert our expectation into reality. Expectations are also changing according to experiences. All are nothing without each other. Like the bricks of our house, the more better they sorted, life become more stronger. We have to collaborate these three cards of life for winning the game. Pointer of a clock is always moving on the decided path, nothing is new for it. But its movements are directly affect to the time. Its every tick tick is converting our present into past and future into present.

This change is rapid but become visible when decades are over. Among all of these we are also moving like that pointer of a clock. We are moving on decided path only. We are not experiencing conversations. But our movements changes a lot. From our childhood to our teenage, we are changed but still all looks like same if we try to see ourselves with the eyes of mind. When we sight on the wall of past, that small baby is still looking and smiling at us. Ways looks like that we just came by walking on them. All things looks like they are happened just now. But it is our past. Past has always speciality that it is good or bad, it becomes memorable. It is ornaments which we want to secure for more and more time. Perhaps its collection makes us alive. Present is a bridge which connects past and future. Whatever we can do for a notable change in our life is done on this bridge only.

Starting from past we are travelling for future and present is train which is moving us towards our goals and expectations.Our journey is long. Stations comes and goes. Expectations still remains untouched. We can’t reach to future what we want. Reason is only that train which we caught is wrong. Someone who caught right train but can’t travel up to end. Someone haul the chain of his train and he stops moving. People who bravely cross that bridge of present, expectations become reality for them. Many are there who seats on the one end of past and throwing stones in river and blame their luck.

Future is another end where people enjoy the riverbanks and shares their journey with each other. They are not blaming their luck, they converting their luck into good luck. Future is sun which is rising forever in our sky. It is a reason for which past is helping us and present is working with us. It gives us light to work. Problem with us is only that we can’t live present. It is always crushed between past and future. Someone is lost in the memory of past, someone is worried about future. That pointer of clock is changing the world everyday but can’t change a person.How better it is if a person is also changing with that tick tick of a clock !! He changes but consumes a lot of time for that. We are also not prepared to digest a rapid change of a person. It will be shock for us if it is possible.

Try to accept the changes in people. Never think that is it good or bad for us. Think is it good for him or not. Try to make everyone’s present memorable. Everyone is travelling in his train. Everyone is moving on that bridge of present. Help him to reach at his destination. Never haul chain of someone’s train. Sea tide rises when wind helps them. We have to concentrate on present, by focusing on future and learning from past. We have to live present which can be converted into memorable past and useful for future. That tick tick is not only tick tick it is an question for you that, moments are changing are you?? Say yes to that clock and try to start changing you present, past and future. Have a life what you want !!


River Of Time

The ways are changing everyday. Situations are always in the stage of renovation. It may be difficult or easy, we have to accept it. Change is a part of our life. Like a water of river, we are flowing with time. Starting from the mountain, we are moving towards ocean. we start, we move, we generate, we dry, we filled, we flow, we ended. River starts with water and ends with water. Life is also a story of rivers, A river which starts with bits of heart and ends with a bits of heart. Sometimes someone dries us, someone fills us. But we have to flow for our ocean. An ocean which can saturate us, An ocean which can give us what we want. Most of time of our life is spent for reaching at ocean. There are few people which can reach at their ocean and from them also, there are few ones which can live there for a satisfactory time. Most of us are only flowing. We get the stones, we get the sand and we collect them as our responsibility. There are so many experiences which we get during our journey and we move further with the collection of those. They are like the leaves of our tree, which are dried and falls on the surface of our mind. We have to think about the new growing green leaves which are the future of our tree. The problem with us is that we are moving with new leaves as well as fallen dry leaves. We are not ready to crush it. We are not ready to leave it. Those experiences are staying with us for a lifetime like piles of dry leaves. That pile resist our flow. Our river can’t reach up to our ocean. So many people are there which can’t find a way to flow. They start but can’t make a river. They completed their journey in the form of pond or stream. But If you start with a strong intention the way will be automatically generated for your flow. Your ways stretches you to move. Your first drop of time will surely reach and meet your ocean. Starting of anything will surely good and enthusiastic but it is required that the end is also like the same. Our ends are not like that what we want. To reach up to the end your flow must be strong and powerful which can move you with time. A small stone can produce many waves in a steady water. A small bird is looks like an architecture when we see the construction of its nest. A single boat is enough to travel the seven oceans. A small spark can be the reason of blast. A small rector scale’s earthquake is enough to destroy the number of buildings. These all are looking small but their result shows that how big changes they can make. Change is not done by size, it is done by intentions and contemplation. Change is that what you are doing in your journey from mountain to ocean. Rivers change the lifestyle and culture of humankind during its journey and still changing it. What is a change, that a person make during his journey. Answer is confusing us. Time and situations are changing the person, But a person is still trying to change the time and situations. A person is consuming more time for his own change. Every one has their own beliefs and expectations. Revolution starts when a person starts with his own. I think that it is not important that you reach up the end or not. Important is that what changes you have made, when you are moving. Decades are required for a notable change. It can be easily done if person concentrate on the way, on which he is flowing. A small change will surely integrated as a big change for human kind. Nature can change us than why we can’t??  A person can change person. A society can change society. A culture can change culture. we need to start. we need to move. Future will surely in our hand if we can make our bases strong by changing it.


The New Journey

Days are converted into months and months into year. Finally the year ended and one more year starts its journey with the first ray of sun. With this ray, So many lives rises with the hope of change. We can experience that life become celebration during these days. Our breath, which is tired because of the situations, get a chance to sit, rest and grow. We all are living everyday but the feeling that we are alive, become more stronger in these days. Houses are draped everyday but The time to drape the relations comes now. The moments, which we want to store for lifetime can be these moments. I can see that for the celebration of the festival of lights, person starts shining. we get a chance to meet the persons, who see the dreams for us, who make our dreams of them. Elders and teenagers are meet like that we can see them as the dry and green leaves on a single tree. It is not require to get the blessings, It comes automatically from the soil and wind of our native place. Festivals means not only celebration, It is a process of purification of the person. The reason of our sadness is we are not understanding the person. We can make a fake smile on someone’s face but few one can get a true smile because of us on their faces. Its easy to live a single day but not easy to live for someone’s life. We are always seeing the things from our point of view only but sometime try to see the world form someone’s sight. We can see that how and why we are becoming sad. We have to take care of us and for that we have to take care of others. Try to understand that there are so many lives behind a single life. Each life representing past and future of his mates. You can walk only few miles by being single but to go longer you have to take the faith and companionship of thousands of peoples. By being care taker you are not only leading the person but increasing the value of humanity which is trying to come upwards from a long period. It is sure that you will make a change in your life but if you are being a reason of anyone’s change, nothing can be more precious for you compare to that. I hope that the reason for the celebration of festivals is also for give a time to the person for recovering the bonds, which can not being stronger for a long time because of the zigzags of life. If someone want to see his dreams from our eyes it will be pride moment for us. Sometimes it will give more happiness if we work for someone’s happiness. India is believe in the philosophy of the “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” but Indians are still believe that only my relatives are my family. New year is never come for the particular cast or people, It comes for the all. Our nature is also for all but a person can’t be for all. He can be for a small group of people only. Try to be available for all. Your deeds will make you immortal, If it will for all. Everyone who is working for his family is limited for his family only. But the person who is working for all, He will never be limited. He will always expanding with his deeds. Remember that the year becoming old and new, but you are always becoming old only. Your oldness gives you the gift of experience. By your experiences your thoughts can be new. I hope that during this year, you are not only become old, but become a new, by you thoughts and mentalities. As you are getting old, you are also becoming new. Try to improve your newness and work for the development of nation and country. Have a very energizing new year which will be ended with a number of markable new thoughts !!

The New Journey

The New Journey

Solve the Person

We often judge the persons..There are so many peoples whom we see everyday..Each of them leads an image of life..Everyone has something which can change us but we lose them by judging them..Peoples are like a questions of puzzle..Few of them are solved by us and most of them are unsolved and their secret remains as it is..It is an art to understand the person..even our enemy also has something special for us but our way of thinking about him become a barrier..we can’t solve him..Imagine that what will happen if we solve all the questions of puzzle..we will be a brilliant one..But if we starting to solve the life which we see,we will not only the brilliant one but become more stronger to resist the struggle..we get something new which can change us and everyone like to be changed because all live a life but no one is happy with the way what he is living.. everyone wants something new, something better which can give a sweet smile to his heart..Our mind always wants something more..we can only understand the theory of saturation but can’t apply it on our life..Even a cup of tea will be saturated but a person can’t!!!In the sea also we are finding the diamonds..Yes we require the things but up to certain limit..But no one can find its limit and expanded its needs..I think to achieve more than your needs gives not only pleasure to you but also give an ego as a gift..Most of the people changes when their life changes..But it is required that they remember the humanity.. Sometimes persons and relations are also more important than money..There is a very big gap between to walk alone and  to walk together.. As you go higher you, As your every need converts into reality..the value of human goes down in your calculations..but in reality the relations keeps human alive.. money is only the fuel to move forward..The real life is we and ours..Never try to judge or compare the person..Every one has his own luck and life..Someone gets first..Someone get last..But everyone gets the gifts from life..Have you ever seen the star??There are few ones who can’t see a dream to go there..Let’s try to see the situation over there..Stars also see us..They are also want to meet us..They want to live a life like us..We both can’t do that..To get the life is also a very big achievement.. We are already winners.. It is only required that we walk on the path of our own..It may be possible that destination comes late but it will surely come..The reason is only that you created it and a person’s faith on himself never be wrong..every one knows that what he can do..Then why to see the dreams only??Try to act..Struggle will be difficult but not impossible..If you will put your best success surely comes..The problem with unsuccessful people is only that they can’t convert their passion into their carrier..If you want success than make your passion stronger and to convert your carrier into it otherwise a small job of 10,000 is also enough to fill your hunger..


Change by Realization

Trees can not grow within a day..Rivers are not flowing suddenly..Even houses are also can’t destroyed quickly..Everyone takes a time to change..May be there will be a joy to live with their actuality for sometime..Make a change in a person is also not instantly done..Everyone wants to change the persons according to their point of view but no one is ready to be changed according to other one..Because of this people stay as they are..Change in the nature of person is like a walk in snow.. If you walk rapidly the coolness of snow is not experienced by you..To feel the coolness you have to walk slowly..If change in a person done rapidly it will not experienced..For that you have to go slow..Sometimes the time occurs when you are also not ready to make a change in a nature of a person..Because if you go slow you are not only make a change in person..But you are also understanding that person..There is a chance that you will be changed like that person..And if a person changed by its own experiences world can’t stop him..Change is not a process to see..Its a process to feel..If we give a chance everyone to make a world as they want..What will happens?? Not a single change can be done..Because we are not respect the best..For us it is not important that it is good or bad..Only it will be done because we want it..Everyone want to see what they want..Therefore no one can make a world as he want..But what if we are ready to accept everyone’s best wish which is best for everyone.. The world of dreams can be created..But no one is ready for that..Because here our hopes and wishes are important than others..Therefore the change in so many things is done but the minds and mentality of persons are not changed..Once a person asked to his manager that what changes are required for being the best..His manager tell him that if you want to be the best than always give respect to that which is best..And no one can say that what changes can make a person best..Because it varies from person to person..The change in you can only done by you..Everyone can give advice for change but the change with that advice is stay for a small time of period.. The lifetime change in a person is done when he see and think about himself..when a person strongly realize the change by seeing himself that change will forever..And in our case also we are changing according to the time..But the change by realization is not achieved.. If it will done by self realization then that person is best..Sometimes to live without change is good for us..Because a person who his always changing is not faithful..And we have to deal with so many persons with our faithful image..Only a single change is enough to make a person best.. Don’t find the mistakes of others every time..Sometime try to find your mistakes..It can change you..Never think that a sudden spark make a change in you..Find it form the moments which are prepared to help you..Because change not only process it is the way of your future..It is build by experiences and relations..It is always constructing by us..Just try that the change in you will be good for you and your special ones..