Let’s Start


With a deep breath comes a bundle of thoughts with Curiosity -inducing images of events that led to that particular moment. The moment you wish to forget. From these images arise new questions – every question holding a chapter in itself, each one of which could have changed the whole story. Minute details that could have brought big changes. But we were obviously busy looking at the bigger, more tempting things that we overlooked these small, seemingly trivial signs that upon noticing could have led to a better life.


Those signs, like everything else in the world, have a reason to come before us. They’re there so that we can notice them in time and act accordingly. But even the smartest of people sometimes tend to miss these the details, being busy enjoying flowing with the moment.


Unfortunately, we are never really educated about detecting these signs that are actually all around us! Being a well-civilized, educated person, reading such vital signs is a knowledge one must have as it can help incredibly in building one’s future.

So let’s make a new start. Rather than just seeing things normally, let’s start  looking what we usually neglect. Who knows.. it might lead us to what we are supposed to be!
One of the most important and most neglected elements in the beginning of the interior life is the ability to respond to reality, to see the value and the beauty in ordinary things, to come alive to the splendour that is all around us.
Thomas Merton

Loyalty with your own

I see few birds today which are flying towards their nest..they have the freedom..they can fly anywhere where they want..but they never change their nests every day..they never changes their nature to be a loyal..if the birds can show this level of loyalty than they are better than the human beings..because the birds are loyal with their nest but we can’t be a loyal with our own..we are always breaking a deal with our own which is to be a successful..we are talking about the birla and tata but never try to being like them and that’s why we are killing our dreams with our own hands..the person can be in any conditions but he has to try for making him best..in our cases we put a belief on luck..we never try to change lines of our hand..their are so many wishes which comes during our life..but not a single one is live with us forever..they are changing as the day complete..if a single wish can live with us forever..it is sure that you can convert that wish into the reality..but it is not possible because we are not loyal to us..our life is stared with the single bit of our heart and it never leave our hand till our life ends…what if it stops it bit?? But our heart know what happens..it never try to change its loyalty..what if we not focus on a single wish?? our wishes are out from our life like a water going out through wiper on the mirror of our car of life..we are just see it..We know that if we not try to pick it we can’t achieve what we want..Try to follow your heart.. The conditions never affect on it..it always beating.. but we never worrying abut our success..we are changing with the conditions and desired situation is not created by us..we create our own kingdom but problem is only that we are changing it regularly.. we are King of that kingdom..if a king not focus on its kingdom and change it than he is frightening and he never be a well ruler..we have to stay in our kingdom and be loyal to it..never change your wishes.. just attach a single wish with your self and be loyal to your own to fulfill that wish by trying to achieve it..your wish is not only imagination but it is your reality..Always try to achieve that reality.. You can make you best…



I with me

The few moments with your own have a power to make you a successful person..we are always living what is our outside but never trying to live with us..we take care of many person but never take care of our heart..we always trying to achieve things through which our name represent a story of zero to hero..but we never try to understand what our name wants to achieve..generally our aims and goals are decided by our parents..when we get proper understanding for deciding our goals than also we are not searching our path with our own..we  walk on the path which our parents shows us..it is the biggest reason of dissatisfaction in life..it is assure that we are doing best in our work and get the reward but the reward with our own is not achieved..we are not getting the joy for our soul from our work..the reason is only that we are not following us..we are not understanding our own needs and just trying to get joy..how it’s possible??.. pass the few seconds with your own..discuss with you that what you achieve and what you loose..everyday for sometime put yourself at outer side and see your behavior as a another person.. it shows you that what changes are required in yourself..if you make a single change in yourself per day imagine yourself after a year..your so many defects are removed by you..remember one thing everyone are seeing the play of our life in which so many characters are coming and leaving us…they are always focusing on us..but they are only interested in our performance..if our performance is well than we are the best in our drama of life…if we are not good in our life’s play than people are remember us during the drama time only..so it is dependent on us that how we improve our performance in the real life drama..just see yourself as a audience.. you are surely able to know that what is required for my development..don’t follow any other one’s instructions..only ask yourself and follow your thoughts..it will help you for being the memorable character in the drama of the life..because no one can take more care of you except you..only you know that what is inside you and what can be done by you..only you knows that what you want and that’s why ask you that what is next and try to achieve each and every goal of your own..and achieve your lifetime goal which is to get the joy from each and every moments of our life and enjoy this wonderful world which god gives us to see the smiles on our faces..


Life in kites..

We are the floors which gives support to mind for flying the kite of expectations..Our mind is flying that kite for lifetime and we are only support it..we just see it as a rigid..we have many expectations in our life..they all are flying like a kite in the sky of our life..our mind flies it with the thread of faith..because we have a faith that i can achieve my expectation in reality…that faith gives power to our kite of expectation..many kites are flies on the sky of imagination..our kite is also in it…many minds are flying it with the power of faith…It is impossible that the faith of the people is same..their power is different… and so many kites are cuts and the expectations are destroyed… At that we who supporting the mind for the success feels sad..It makes me sad that if our mind cut the kite of any other one…with our threads of faith.. we cheering it..we have not a commonsense that the same can be happened with us..This is life..here always many kite of expectations flies at a height of success and touch the sky of life..their faith in the work is best and that thread is connected with their mind and expectation.. this makes them successful… Here many kites are fall on the failure and destroyed.. their threads are weak…but as a nature of human if than they try to fly a kite with more powerful faith and touch the success…we are always in this festival..actually our mind flies the kite and we just support it as a rigid floor.. but when the day comes when we files the kite of expectations and our mind support us as a floor at that nothing can be impossible for us..never be a floor to support… just do and try to get the support…a time will come when the want to learn with you…world want to walk on the path of you…your kite can’t be cut by anyone because your faith is on the top level of world…never think about the result.. just do the work..and develop a faith in your work..when your faith is more no one can stop you for achieving the best result..your threads will become more powerful that no one touch it without help of you..that is the power of our soul..the infinite power of soul..but we don’t use it…faith can be give the use of that power…the message of this festival is only that fly the kites of the expectations with the threads of faith..whose faith in his work is more can achieve the heights of successes and his kite will always fling…wishing you a happy and safe uttrayan…make a faith in your work..be the best..

Life is important

People are interested in only money..their intentions towards money is more..the mind of 21st century are converted like that our life can’t possible without Money.. Yes it is also right but in our life money can not be the supreme… We have to think out about this flow of minds.. Our mind is also important.. Our thoughts are also important… Life is possible without money but not without mind..our thoughts can lives us..our mind can moves us…money just gives the egoistic nature to the people.. A person’s behavior towards his own person is changed because of money..his lifestyle is changes due to money but his inner soul’s fulfilling is not possible with money..how can we give more priority to it??? It is the requirement of present to change the views about money…our life and our people are more important than money…we have to understand it..we have to remember it and we have to act on it…
“You will receive most when you will expect least.”
― Santosh Kalwar


Change the views..

The man of technology is behaved like that he is a supreme.. He can do any things.. He believes in its own power…his ambitions is bigger.. In its dreams he see the power but not the superior lord..he forget that someone make this world.. Someone makes the rivers,sky,earth,moon,hills,mountains…. He can’t imagines about its producer.. When he starts to think in this direction..perhaps he can understand the power of lord Krishna…the one n only who is the superior…the incidents which are occurring in present… It is reminds us to think about the lord..to think about the superior… Only our prayers save the world….
Jab tak duniya me bhakti kayam he…
Tab tak manav ka sarvnash asambhav he..
Jay shree krishna..