Let’s Start


With a deep breath comes a bundle of thoughts with Curiosity -inducing images of events that led to that particular moment. The moment you wish to forget. From these images arise new questions – every question holding a chapter in itself, each one of which could have changed the whole story. Minute details that could have brought big changes. But we were obviously busy looking at the bigger, more tempting things that we overlooked these small, seemingly trivial signs that upon noticing could have led to a better life.


Those signs, like everything else in the world, have a reason to come before us. They’re there so that we can notice them in time and act accordingly. But even the smartest of people sometimes tend to miss these the details, being busy enjoying flowing with the moment.


Unfortunately, we are never really educated about detecting these signs that are actually all around us! Being a well-civilized, educated person, reading such vital signs is a knowledge one must have as it can help incredibly in building one’s future.

So let’s make a new start. Rather than just seeing things normally, let’s start  looking what we usually neglect. Who knows.. it might lead us to what we are supposed to be!
One of the most important and most neglected elements in the beginning of the interior life is the ability to respond to reality, to see the value and the beauty in ordinary things, to come alive to the splendour that is all around us.
Thomas Merton

Days in Shadow

Everyday starts with number of possibilities. Each day is infinite. Every new day provides a new opportunity to us, for creating a new datum of our journey. Change is always ready to enter our lives, but every change is outside our comfort zone while our practice is to be among facilities.


We have comforted ourselves to work within the area where risk is zero. That comfort itself has actually become an obstacle in our success while we keep blaming luck or time. No one is ready to move above their fears. People restrict themselves within the limits. Limits, that are nothing but imaginary lines that we create ourselves listening to a few other unsuccessful people! Pushing those limits can be a real game changer once we dare to.


But we expect smiles without tears, pain is always avoided by people. Everyone is finding a way, a chance, an opportunity which can bring success without efforts or with minimum efforts. But is it possible to acquire a shape without absorbing the heat? We are in search of an infinite ever-glowing power source of energy. There are many ways to get a supply of energy but the only way that it is 100% sustainable and reliable is that the source of power generation must be within us.

Diversity gives us a chance to choose and apply, but it will only be effective if the selection is based on our ability. Selection on the basis of dreambility will only flow us. Other ways will make us the water which never finds its way to sea. Everyone has magic, we just need to find a block on which we can successfully apply the magic.


There are many unknown opportunities that knock our door. But someone who is dreaming behind that door, is limiting his abilities within a single room. He thinks that things will fall into place according to him. If he rapidly moves outward and catches that knock, his life might get transformed. But reality is different.

Just knocks are not enough to shake our stubbornness. They are meant to give a jerk to us. So be ready for every knock, every knock can turn into a blissful surprise. Be strong and bear the things. You have to be strong enough to turn your dream into reality. Every knock makes you powerful enough to bear next knock. Jerks are only meant to keep you awake. Open the doors. Let opportunities comes inside.


Everything might not moving as we wish, but we can change ourselves according to situations. Chances that  come in our life are little drops of rain. It is depends on the place, on which they land. If they fall on a stone cold man, nothing will happen. But those very drops when fall on a seed-like-boy, he will bloom into a beautiful plant and eventually a fruitful tree.


It depends on the person, how he is taking things. Capturing the chances looks easy but it will be great only if it is captured by heart. Eyes will only give beauty. Emotions will come when the heart is involved!! Let your heart become a part of your work and capture a right one !! Life is amazing !! Enjoying is on you !!

Look at the sparrows;
they do not know what they will do in the next moment. 
Let us literally live from moment to moment.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Live in Emptiness

No one wishes to be empty. Everyone and everything, in this world, tries to fill or to be filled. One single wish which runs the life is never to become empty. To be on the top is the priority of everyone nowadays. Ways to reach that peak may be unknown to them, but being on the top will always be their wish. It’s not wrong to dream for the peak, it’s just that we are not starting from valleys. The problem is we are not ready to be empty. Those who are better filled try to fill others and the more empty ones are eager to take even drops from them. What about its quality, how beneficial is it we are getting??


Always being full may be harmful; sometimes we might need to be empty too. Rivers live for thousands of years as they know when to be dry and when to fill themselves with water. Clouds are eager to get vapour from lakes. Lakes are eager to get a spray of water from clouds. Both know the importance of each other. They know when to be empty and when overflow. They wait for their time and then act. Nature always explains that wait for your time and if it is meant to be, then limelight will be focused only on you. But we don’t like to wait. As soon as someone goes near emptiness, he tries to find help who can fill him again. That is where we are mistaken. Dare to remain empty till your time comes. That period will become a dot, which will connect with other dots to form your figure.


Sometimes, your emptiness can become a reason of your fullness. Falling of a flower or leaf causes the birth of another flower or leaf. Their emptiness of autumn is the reason for their flourishing in the spring. Whenever something is moving downwards, don’t think that it is going near to its end. Actually, it is preparing itself to go for the peak. So try to include ups and downs in your path instead of moving in a steady line. It will provide you success but you will not be able to experience the different shades of life. Try to make for peaks through valleys. It will not only make you stronger but give confidence to fight with circumstances. Your life will be balanced if it goes through both the situations.


Find your time to remain empty. Go with the reality. Have faith in yourself. Enjoy the moments that make you stronger.Situation could be anything, but it can’t be bigger than your capacity. Think of yourself as a warrior. If you lose it is OK, at the least you can find the weaknesses of situations. Next time the same emptiness will help you become full. Never become a stone which is eroded and crushed within the river, try to become a stone which helps river to flow from mountains. Never walk with situations and condition; they will crush you like that small stone.


Be a base of your time, give direction to it, Situation will be formed according to you. Learn to live in bad situations, find your weaknesses during that, and that emptiness will give you fullness. Never try to get something from others which can make you full. Be full on your own. Whenever there is emptiness, it is sign of upcoming fullness. Believe it!! Try for once to live in emptiness!! It will make you full!!


The Usefulness of the Cup is its Emptiness.

– Bruce Lee



Live in emptiness

Live in emptiness

Beyond The Hopes

Everyday is like a new chapter of our life. It may be pages long or as small as a line, but it contributes to our story. It adds something or the other to our collection. Time never waits for us to be ready. It keeps flowing. It’s up to you whether you rise or fall with the flow. It’s like a road, it doesn’t decide whether or not you will reach your destination. It just helps you by being there, providing you a surface to move, a path to walk on. It’s your mistake if you are not moving. You can’t blame the road if you don’t reach your destination as roads are never wrong, it’s your selection of the road that is wrong. Not every day ends with the fulfillment of our desires. Few days are just for us to grow, while some give us moments to store. On the other hand, there are few days which give us the chance to fly. Only correctly selected days and roads give us a chance to reach our destinations.

We always want to fly like a butterfly and to smell the fragrances of different flowers of adventures. There are so many things we want to do, actions we want to perform for better experience. But the problem is that we don’t find the flower on which we want to develop. Our journey pauses everyday with hopes and desires for a better tomorrow. We are covered with a lot of expectations-ours as well as that implied by others. They don’t want us to leave our garden and move ahead which confine our dreams to be within the boundaries of their expectations. We  grow more and more shorter in our choices. Our journey is not like an eagle, which is flies the skies freely fulfilling whatever it desires, it has rather become like the journey of a small ant which covers only a single room for fulfilling the needs of its family. There is an ocean of opportunities but our wishes seem like a small brook. A person always has the tendency to be original but conditions tend to force him to copy.

Life is really simple if you move as you are. Adorned by beauty, only nature can become superior. A person can’t be happy by chasing beauty. The ‘way of living’ must be beautiful. Happiness is not a destination. It is the way of living life. It only comes when you grow your own plants. It is good to give water to other people’s plants. But problems might be created when you pick the flowers from others’ plants. Mentality of people is still like the dried leaves of trees, not sure until when will it stay connected with the tree. A small incident can be converted into big misunderstanding. So it’s always better to pick flowers from your own tree. Make a habit to grow in a desert. Try to live without support. Nothing is with you forever. Supports may be temporary and only for development. Fences are removed when plant becomes a tree. Birds have to fly on their own.

“”Once, there was a very rich person but he was not very fortunate. His wife and daughter passed away in a road accident. He was not ready to live alone and decided end his life in a forest. He was wandering in forests, finding the best option for suicide. He came across a well without water and thought of jumping into it. As he went for the jump, he listened a squealing of a little boy. He moved towards that voice. The boy had fallen on the ground and there was big throne in his leg. He was surprised seeing the boy alone in the forest. The rich person helped that boy and asked him the reason he was there. The little boy told him that he was living alone. His parents had died when he was small and someone left him in the forest to get all the property of his parents. He was frightened but suddenly he saw a few small rabbits playing in grass and started playing with them, his fear is slightly reduced. Then, he decided to live as time wanted him to live. He would drink water from lake, eat fruits from trees and thus, started a new life in the forest. The rich man was surprised that how did such a small boy managed to live in a forest alone…! He couldn’t believe him and decided to live with him to make sure that he wasn’t lying. After a day or two he was sure that this boy is all alone in forest. Surprised, he asked the boy “how can you live all alone in this forest?” to which the boy replied,

I am not alone! I am with me! To live without support is real and original life. I realized it when I actually lived it myself. You don’t live YOUR life, your life is crushed between expectations of your family and friends. If you can’t live a single day without them, then how can you even say that you are living! You are only moving with their support. If they disappear you find new one. You are journeying without destinations. You walk as your mates want you to and finally reach at the very point where you started. Instead, walk with your own hopes and destinations and the path will be much more enjoyable and end, admirable

The answer changed shook that person’s belief until its roots and he began a new life with that boy.

Life is big and nothing can stop you from living it gracefully except you. Enjoy it till your very last moment, your very last breath !!


Three Roads With Single End

Time of our life is framed in past, present and future. Past is experiences, present is chance and future is expectations. All three are different but dependent on each other. Our expectations always help us to find a chance. Experience never give chance but it learns how to pick a chance and convert our expectation into reality. Expectations are also changing according to experiences. All are nothing without each other. Like the bricks of our house, the more better they sorted, life become more stronger. We have to collaborate these three cards of life for winning the game. Pointer of a clock is always moving on the decided path, nothing is new for it. But its movements are directly affect to the time. Its every tick tick is converting our present into past and future into present.

This change is rapid but become visible when decades are over. Among all of these we are also moving like that pointer of a clock. We are moving on decided path only. We are not experiencing conversations. But our movements changes a lot. From our childhood to our teenage, we are changed but still all looks like same if we try to see ourselves with the eyes of mind. When we sight on the wall of past, that small baby is still looking and smiling at us. Ways looks like that we just came by walking on them. All things looks like they are happened just now. But it is our past. Past has always speciality that it is good or bad, it becomes memorable. It is ornaments which we want to secure for more and more time. Perhaps its collection makes us alive. Present is a bridge which connects past and future. Whatever we can do for a notable change in our life is done on this bridge only.

Starting from past we are travelling for future and present is train which is moving us towards our goals and expectations.Our journey is long. Stations comes and goes. Expectations still remains untouched. We can’t reach to future what we want. Reason is only that train which we caught is wrong. Someone who caught right train but can’t travel up to end. Someone haul the chain of his train and he stops moving. People who bravely cross that bridge of present, expectations become reality for them. Many are there who seats on the one end of past and throwing stones in river and blame their luck.

Future is another end where people enjoy the riverbanks and shares their journey with each other. They are not blaming their luck, they converting their luck into good luck. Future is sun which is rising forever in our sky. It is a reason for which past is helping us and present is working with us. It gives us light to work. Problem with us is only that we can’t live present. It is always crushed between past and future. Someone is lost in the memory of past, someone is worried about future. That pointer of clock is changing the world everyday but can’t change a person.How better it is if a person is also changing with that tick tick of a clock !! He changes but consumes a lot of time for that. We are also not prepared to digest a rapid change of a person. It will be shock for us if it is possible.

Try to accept the changes in people. Never think that is it good or bad for us. Think is it good for him or not. Try to make everyone’s present memorable. Everyone is travelling in his train. Everyone is moving on that bridge of present. Help him to reach at his destination. Never haul chain of someone’s train. Sea tide rises when wind helps them. We have to concentrate on present, by focusing on future and learning from past. We have to live present which can be converted into memorable past and useful for future. That tick tick is not only tick tick it is an question for you that, moments are changing are you?? Say yes to that clock and try to start changing you present, past and future. Have a life what you want !!


River Of Time

The ways are changing everyday. Situations are always in the stage of renovation. It may be difficult or easy, we have to accept it. Change is a part of our life. Like a water of river, we are flowing with time. Starting from the mountain, we are moving towards ocean. we start, we move, we generate, we dry, we filled, we flow, we ended. River starts with water and ends with water. Life is also a story of rivers, A river which starts with bits of heart and ends with a bits of heart. Sometimes someone dries us, someone fills us. But we have to flow for our ocean. An ocean which can saturate us, An ocean which can give us what we want. Most of time of our life is spent for reaching at ocean. There are few people which can reach at their ocean and from them also, there are few ones which can live there for a satisfactory time. Most of us are only flowing. We get the stones, we get the sand and we collect them as our responsibility. There are so many experiences which we get during our journey and we move further with the collection of those. They are like the leaves of our tree, which are dried and falls on the surface of our mind. We have to think about the new growing green leaves which are the future of our tree. The problem with us is that we are moving with new leaves as well as fallen dry leaves. We are not ready to crush it. We are not ready to leave it. Those experiences are staying with us for a lifetime like piles of dry leaves. That pile resist our flow. Our river can’t reach up to our ocean. So many people are there which can’t find a way to flow. They start but can’t make a river. They completed their journey in the form of pond or stream. But If you start with a strong intention the way will be automatically generated for your flow. Your ways stretches you to move. Your first drop of time will surely reach and meet your ocean. Starting of anything will surely good and enthusiastic but it is required that the end is also like the same. Our ends are not like that what we want. To reach up to the end your flow must be strong and powerful which can move you with time. A small stone can produce many waves in a steady water. A small bird is looks like an architecture when we see the construction of its nest. A single boat is enough to travel the seven oceans. A small spark can be the reason of blast. A small rector scale’s earthquake is enough to destroy the number of buildings. These all are looking small but their result shows that how big changes they can make. Change is not done by size, it is done by intentions and contemplation. Change is that what you are doing in your journey from mountain to ocean. Rivers change the lifestyle and culture of humankind during its journey and still changing it. What is a change, that a person make during his journey. Answer is confusing us. Time and situations are changing the person, But a person is still trying to change the time and situations. A person is consuming more time for his own change. Every one has their own beliefs and expectations. Revolution starts when a person starts with his own. I think that it is not important that you reach up the end or not. Important is that what changes you have made, when you are moving. Decades are required for a notable change. It can be easily done if person concentrate on the way, on which he is flowing. A small change will surely integrated as a big change for human kind. Nature can change us than why we can’t??  A person can change person. A society can change society. A culture can change culture. we need to start. we need to move. Future will surely in our hand if we can make our bases strong by changing it.


The Night Of Opportunities

The night is dark, but its darkness is destroyed due to the cold light of the moon. Yes, It is not enough to remove the whole darkness but enough to prove that the sun is coming. The shadow of sun as a moon, is the ray of hope, which comes true with the sparkling dawn. Flowers start growing and birds welcome it with their musical voice. It’s only their hope and faith of bright future which gives them chance for celebration. Our life also have the nights and days. It changes according to conditions and conditions changes according to our way of thinking. Life looks good and joyful when the things are happening according to us. We can say that we make the day of our life. But when the things are opposing us no one is ready to accept it. We think that our shadow will always follow us but when it is not following us it means that our way of struggle is started. If you still walk on that way the world will oppose you. Time will try to crush you. Past has the examples that the way which is horrible with the eyes of world is become right and easy because that way is the selection of traveller of that way and its end is only known by the strugglers. People are only the puppets which are moving as there imaginations moves them. They are only performing their drama. We have to concentrate on our goal. People will change with reference to our positions. We have to change our position, people’s behavior will automatically changed. Be ready to face the night of life. Be ready to choose the way of night, because the Star’s are shines only when there is a darkness. The night of the life can be frightened for anyone but for us it is the step towards our success. It is the source which gives us power to tackle the situations. Put a belief in yourself. The way is only the medium, Important is your goal. If you give up by watching the way, your mind will surely give up its creativity. Roses are growing in morning. It doesn’t mean that they can’t rise in night or they are looking ugly in night. It means that they are showing the result of their preparation of looking batter. They are removing their glares and dust during night. And what we are doing in our night of life? ” Why I got this?? Why only I?? Difficulties sees me only. My luck is bad.” Only these thoughts and questions are the mate of us. Try to improve during situations whatever it may. By crying on the conditions you are only wasting your time. But by thinking about future you can find the ways of improvement and the sun if success will come to give you chance to show who you are. Grate people are not grate because they are great, They are great because they know why and how to become grate. By filling the fuel on petrol pump they can see the dreams of being the founder of a Petrochemical’s company and in actual they can built the foundation like Reliance. They know their capabilities and abilities and also know that how to achieve it. Things or situations are never big. They also like tiny jokes. But the thinkers and viewers of that situations are big. The difference is how we see it as an opportunity. A person can convert his father’s small bhagwati tea stall into the group of five star hotels named as The Grand Bhagwati (TGB). He see tea stall as his future and we see it as a small shop for passing time with friends. We cant see it as an big opportunity for business because our grate ness is into see and study grate peoples only. Only the dreamers of success can find it. Our conditions are good. We have enough resources. We are not sleeping on the footpath. We are not removed from school or colleges. We are not taken any kind of loan for research. We are not adopted by the orphanage. Problem is in the way, how we accepting what we got. Everyone meet to the night during life. No one has a life filled with days only. Difficulties are also part of our life. We have to accept it. We have to live with it. By neglecting it we can get a peace for a short period. It is not the solution. The only solution is, To be ready to convert situations into opportunities, To be ready to convert night of life into an enlightening day. Enjoy a lot !! Get a lot !!


The Night of Opportunities

The Night of Opportunities



A True Feeling, In Imaginations

In our life we can see that our imaginations are strong but the reality is weak. we still finding joy in dreams. The world which we are seeing behind our eyes is always reflecting the echoes of our own voice but our intelligence stops us by hearing it. The way on which we have to travel is already constructed by our thoughts and imaginations but somehow we are neglecting it. we have a doubt on our own abilities. If a bird has doubt on his wings how can it fly?? Our desires and goals are like a wilted plant of a desert which want to grow but no one is there to take care of it. It loose its game of life against the flow of conditions. Perhaps, we are also like that wilted plant. Some of us got a special care and be a green tree, some be a tree by luck and some of us are like that plant which want to be a tree, which fights with conditions but than also it looses its game and crushed in the clay. Our imaginations is pressed due to the load life. we are not giving a chance to it for moving upwards. The fear of failure is destroying our hopes and dreams. They are ready to fly but we are not ready to move our wings and than also we want to fly more higher in the sky of life. How it is possible?? If you want to a star, you have to burn for spreading light. Diamond is also shines because it is rubbed. To fly with the heights of life, you have to be prepared to fall. The more a person fall, the more he become stronger. The voice will only become sound when it vibrates. Learn to build the roads of life. The world will show you the thousands of destinations but you have to make your own destination. Remember one thing whatever worst the way, it leads to the destination. It will be made of stones, dust, plaster or asphalt but it is for destination. Its quality can be varied but its aim is single. Life’s roads are also for your goals if you choose it wisely. Never think about the how the way is, If it’s towards your dream than walk on it.

Once there was an exhibition of the paintings of a great painter. He was admired all over in the world. It was its last exhibition. All people want to know that what he will say. And finally at the end of exhibition he stood up to give a speech. His words is more inspiring for us. He says , ” It was my way and I enjoyed my journey. It is special for me that I reached where I want to go. I was not painting the paintings,I only expressing my world of imaginations on the canvas. Everyday I was seeing the two sides of life. One was filed with so many colors and another one was uncolored. That second side was disappointing me and I stared to fill the colors in it. My all paintings are the filling of colors in that uncolored side of life. During my life I only chase the uncolored side of the people’s life and tried to fill them with my imaginations.” A small person is being a great painter because of his imaginations. We also see the lives. we also have disappointments. But we are not converting into our thoughts and imaginations. If you can do it than you haven’t try to find your specialty. It automatically comes through your feelings. It may be the painting, poem,song or dance. If you can feel that uncolored part of life than the goal and ways will surely makes you what you want. Everyone is living but fewer are understanding the things which are happening nearer to them. Try to find it and be a person what your dreams want make you.

True feelings in imaginations

True feelings in imaginations