Life Inside The Life

Have you ever think that how a man can alive?? If you try to find the answer of this question scientifically than you can say that because of his breathing or because of the pulsating of his heart. But in real are the pulses and breath are enough to make a person alive. You eat,You drink,You walk, You speak,You grow,You sleep..Is any of these are enough to prove that you are living?? Living never mean that to be extended by your life. A person is alive because of the faith and hope in his descendants. For us it is not important to believe in our own persons for living better because we have not seen that what is life in actual. But sometimes if you got a time try to understand the life of elders you can easily know that hope, belief and faith are also important to live. Most of them are facing so many problem because their body is not ready to travel with them. Even to walk a small distance they have to need support. Their conditions became so bad than also some of them can easily cross the age of eighty. Here the love and warmth which you have earned during your life helps you to continue your journey. It is more important to earn faith and emotions of people than money. It will give you a reason to live. The strength to maintain a breath comes from there. It gives us atmosphere that we forget our pains and enjoy the life. A tree will grow and give us shade for a long period if we care it. Similarly a person will also give us shade for a long period if we worry for him. By caring a person we give him a trust that he will complete his aspirations. To be  live is not only important, A small deed so that someone can live is also important. Our life is not only made by us. In different segments of life,different type of people come in our life. By spending time with them We are making our life. The contribution of that people plays a big role in our life. We can say that small portion of so many person’s life make our life. It also shows that we are also responsible to make someone’s life. We all are travelling towards end. Someone reach first, someone reach last. During our travelling we get the company and also give the company. That small period will be a part of our both’s life. We have to try to make it best. It must be memorable for us. His face must be shined with the joy for that period. Our aim should be give the happiness to people. No one knows that our togetherness is sustainable for how much period. So why we do the deeds that our value goes down in someone’s sight. Once there was a joker in a circus. Because of that joker,Circus became famous. People came to see the show of this joker far away. He got so many rewards and praise. Finally he became weak as he grew older. He decided to stop his work and live freely. There was his last show. Everyone want to fill the art of this great artist in their eyes. It was also the excellent moment for that artist. With the tears in his eyes, He completed his last show. Someone asked him that why you are decided to take a retirement?? The answer of that joker was like to hear. He said, ” I traveled so many places, I met so many peoples, I lived a small segment of that people’s life. I have a proud that the time during which people are with me they get only happiness. By seeing the faces with smile, I also was being a partner of their joy. My work was to sell the joy and smile. But as I worked more I understand that I was also earning smile and happiness from the people. My audience was sharing their smile with me. They were increasing my enthusiasm and energy. During my all period of work I got love,smile, warmth, faith and trust. I stored each of this in my heart. Now its time that I’m not able to work. My body became weak. I want to live life with the help of similes which I had earned. It would be great for me to live with that what I stored. I can easily find the reason that why I have to travel more.” Think that if a small joker can also spend his last few years with the help of few smiles and claps of his audience, what we can give to our friends and relatives. We have to give something to all who comes in our contact so that at least it will be make their life better. If Welfare of humankind will be our goal than No one can stop you by achieving joy and smile.

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside The Life

Life Inside Friendship

We can only think that we can live alone but in actual no one can do it..A person may be live alone for two or three days but after that he required a mate..He need a person who make a smile on his face..Even our nature is also made with mates..Earth is not alone, It has moon..The group of planets also supporting earth..See the sun..It has a support of hills and mountains to rise and set..Can we image the sunrise or sunset without hills??? Even in the sunset sky also changes its colours and prove that sun is not alone..Sky is with it..Sea is also half without seashore..when we see the wet sand on the seashore it looks like saying that I am with sea..Trees have leaves..Rivers have stones..Clouds have rain..Nothing is in the world which is alone.. According to time and place everything find its mate..We can find a peace by being alone but it has noise from heart..A totally peace is there when we have a few seconds with our mates..Yes there will be a noise of world although there will a silence in our heart..Because we have our own who will never let us without smile..we have those who want to enjoy the life with us..Between persons birth to death so many relations are generated, developed and ended but there is a single one which grows with the time and it is the bond of friendship..It is only the way in which there is always joy and happiness..In every situation who handle us that’s friend..As a small drop of colour mixed with water and we can’t departing it, friend is involved with us and its not possible to remove him from our life..If we take a common moments of friend’s life there is only fun..We want to make each other always gives us the conditions which are demotivating us but by getting together we fight with them..There is no one who can’t see a dream of being successful..The person who put faith on us and motivate us to fulfill our dreams,He is friend..Friendship means not only live together..To live to help each other that’s friendship..To live to handle each other that’s friendship..To disturb faculties without reason that’s friendship..Our every friend has something which is inside us and we have also many things which is inside our friends..we build with our own but the plan of our building is prepared by our friends..To meet, to learn, to know, to preserve, to annoy, to understand, to disturb, to walk together that’s friendship..we celebrating our friendship on a specific day but in actual every day is like a friendship day when our friends are with us..Happy Friendship Day..

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

                            -Anais Nin


Change by Realization

Trees can not grow within a day..Rivers are not flowing suddenly..Even houses are also can’t destroyed quickly..Everyone takes a time to change..May be there will be a joy to live with their actuality for sometime..Make a change in a person is also not instantly done..Everyone wants to change the persons according to their point of view but no one is ready to be changed according to other one..Because of this people stay as they are..Change in the nature of person is like a walk in snow.. If you walk rapidly the coolness of snow is not experienced by you..To feel the coolness you have to walk slowly..If change in a person done rapidly it will not experienced..For that you have to go slow..Sometimes the time occurs when you are also not ready to make a change in a nature of a person..Because if you go slow you are not only make a change in person..But you are also understanding that person..There is a chance that you will be changed like that person..And if a person changed by its own experiences world can’t stop him..Change is not a process to see..Its a process to feel..If we give a chance everyone to make a world as they want..What will happens?? Not a single change can be done..Because we are not respect the best..For us it is not important that it is good or bad..Only it will be done because we want it..Everyone want to see what they want..Therefore no one can make a world as he want..But what if we are ready to accept everyone’s best wish which is best for everyone.. The world of dreams can be created..But no one is ready for that..Because here our hopes and wishes are important than others..Therefore the change in so many things is done but the minds and mentality of persons are not changed..Once a person asked to his manager that what changes are required for being the best..His manager tell him that if you want to be the best than always give respect to that which is best..And no one can say that what changes can make a person best..Because it varies from person to person..The change in you can only done by you..Everyone can give advice for change but the change with that advice is stay for a small time of period.. The lifetime change in a person is done when he see and think about himself..when a person strongly realize the change by seeing himself that change will forever..And in our case also we are changing according to the time..But the change by realization is not achieved.. If it will done by self realization then that person is best..Sometimes to live without change is good for us..Because a person who his always changing is not faithful..And we have to deal with so many persons with our faithful image..Only a single change is enough to make a person best.. Don’t find the mistakes of others every time..Sometime try to find your mistakes..It can change you..Never think that a sudden spark make a change in you..Find it form the moments which are prepared to help you..Because change not only process it is the way of your future..It is build by experiences and relations..It is always constructing by us..Just try that the change in you will be good for you and your special ones..


See and find the Joy

Our observation is limited within the happiness and enjoyments..we are not trying to see any without it..there are so many things which are available for the extreme experience of our presence.. but we are always omitting it from our sight.. we know how important it is for the achievement of the stages of reality..but we are not always trying to focus on it..our soul feels like stranger when it stands with us because it is not achieving what it want from us..we are not able to give the joy to our soul and that’s why we are poor…we all are seeing the world but only few of us are absorbing the world with their eyes..we can absorb it but we don’t..the reason is only that we all have our own world of dreams.. the world where each and every things are waiting to serve us..we are absorbing all from the world of dreams because it has all what we want…it is our own creation..we can’t absorb all in our actual life because there are so many things which we dislikes…we omitting all that things and focusing only on that what we like..but try to observe your dislikes..the things which are omitted from your sights have also a strong reason to stay there…never try to live like a dream..just use it as a reference.. because there is a very big valley between our imagination and reality..there is only happiness in our dreams so we absorb it but in real we have to deal with pain and sore…we are always want to remove it from our life…and so we are not feel safe to absorb it.. A person can be helpful as a guide if he has a sight to see the joy and sore equally..if you really want to achieve some special be ready to welcome the pain also..try to get joy from your sorrows and than you will be a special..these all joy and sorrows are just like a glasses..the joy is a colourful glass which attracts all…and the pain and sorrows are like a broken glasses…they were also a glasses but by mistake of a person their condition become bad..but if you have a knowledge of reality than you consider it as a glass and convert the broken pieces into the glass with some process.. in our life also the pain are created because of our mistakes…consider that pain as a joy and try to convert it into joy again.. if you achieve this art not a single moment make you present only our soul knows this fact and try to get the joy from everything but are never supporting it to get the enjoyment from the sorrows.. at that moment it feels like a stranger.. but if we also tries to convert the pain into opportunities than the work of our both surely give the result… you can easily guess what is that??? It’s a life in which no one has a complaints…no one has problems..because we know how to handle them and how to convert them into the joy and happiness..Just try do it with the help of your can do that..


What is meaning of my life?

“The time between life and death is a huge smile”-Vaju Kotak
   the simple meaning of our life is the time between life and death.. but can we say that we live our life clearly between that interval?? the answer is no..we are not living…we are just breathing..our life become so complicated that we forget the actual meaning of our life..we know how to get joy from our life but can’t apply it..that is our restriction..we are covered with the dust of dreams and our present is destroyed…can we achieve a huge smile from our life??life means joy..the infinite joy which gives us the knowledge that the life is beautiful…life is a light,the light which gives wishes to live more..which gives wishes to enjoy more..but we closed our doors and not getting that light..we are here to give the satisfaction to our own..if we are enjoining the each and every moments..that is life..if our work gives pleasure to us..we are living our is an art which helps us to get joy in any dreadful moment which makes us is a winning of happiness over the critical is a constant joy which gives us power to achieve more and more..everyone have a life but only few people lives it correctly…most of us are give a chance to any one for make us unhappy and we are going far from the life..we are unhappy because of the success of any other..but why we give a chance to them??we can treat our mind well..we can fill the colours of joy and success in our life..we can live and make it better.. Are you able for that??