About Me


Aditya Hemantkumar Pandya

Writer | Philosopher | Optimistic | Poet | Photographer | Speaker


I know very little about my self but people says, “Aditya”,He has something which makes him different from others.He adorns his imaginations with the beauty of words,captures the things which are waiting to be seen,listens the messages from the life and explains the theories of happiness.He is ready to fight with the time to win.The word “Aditya” means “sun”.He is justifying his name in each and every moment of his life.He spreads light of his own by his creations.

One world stays inside me.I lives,it lives.It bits with my single bit.It lives with my dreams.It flows with my feelings.It is a world of thoughts.My wilted brain always walks in this world.It try to achieve happiness in life.It is wondering in the search of joy.Life always asks questions and we have to give answers but some of them are unsolved for lifetime.Here is a solution of that questions which are solved in my world, in my brain.It’s a wilted brain in a tilted world.

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