Life is important

People are interested in only money..their intentions towards money is more..the mind of 21st century are converted like that our life can’t possible without Money.. Yes it is also right but in our life money can not be the supreme… We have to think out about this flow of minds.. Our mind is also important.. Our thoughts are also important… Life is possible without money but not without mind..our thoughts can lives us..our mind can moves us…money just gives the egoistic nature to the people.. A person’s behavior towards his own person is changed because of money..his lifestyle is changes due to money but his inner soul’s fulfilling is not possible with can we give more priority to it??? It is the requirement of present to change the views about money…our life and our people are more important than money…we have to understand it..we have to remember it and we have to act on it…
“You will receive most when you will expect least.”
― Santosh Kalwar



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